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Northwest Territories Experiences, Trips & Tours

Journey into the heart of the spectacular Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is a wilderness sanctuary where you can experience exhilarating outdoor adventures in a pristine natural setting and connect with the incredible people of the region. It is also one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights.

If the great outdoors is calling you, there is perhaps nowhere as enticing as the Northwest Territories. You can catch prehistoric-sized fish swimming in gargantuan lakes, paddle rushing rivers carving through glacial terrain, and trek pristine national parks bigger than many countries. In contrast to the glaciers and the snow, the Northwest Territories is also home to friendly people and warm hospitality.

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See the Northern Lights in the Northwest Territories

Located directly under the Auroral Oval, the Northwest Territories is an amazing place to spot the Northern Lights. In fact, the Aurora Borealis is visible in the night sky here approximately 240 nights of the year! Combined with the spectacular natural setting of the region, the Northern Lights viewing experience in the Northwest Territories is incredible.

With direct flights from many Canadian cities, including Toronto, getting to Yellowknife is quick and easy. While catching the Aurora is often a top reason to visit the Northwest Territories, it is certainly not the only thing to do in this vast region. No matter the season, you’ll discover new joy and wonder throughout your stay.

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