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Niagara Region Tours & Experiences

Tours in Niagara

Ontario’s Niagara region is truly special; it is where the scenery becomes the scene and our roots run deep, from our rolling vineyards to the stunning natural wonder of Niagara Falls. With Landsby’s Niagara tours, you can explore the region from the ground up.

Journey from Niagara’s South Coast, to St. Catharines, Twenty Valley & Niagara-on-the-Lake. You’ll find a host of small treasures just waiting to be discovered on the way — some on well-trodden paths, some many miles from any paths at all. In one afternoon, you can travel from the rush of one of the most famous waterfalls in the world to the rolling Niagara Peninsula — one of the most acclaimed grape growing and winemaking regions in Canada.

We take great pride in the beauty of our region and what it offers us, and we look forward to showing off the very best experiences in Niagara!

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