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Landsby and Northern Soul: The Story

17 March 2021 by jared


Hi there,

I am Jason Sarracini, founder of Landsby and Northern Soul, and I sincerely thank you for joining us.

When my grandfather founded our family travel company more than 50 years ago, he was all about people. He built a community for new Italian immigrants to Canada and I used that as inspiration when I founded Landsby (the Nordic word for village). Landsby and Northern Soul join a portfolio of companies that offer years of experience and heartfelt service.

I have been fortunate enough to visit both coasts of Canada and I have witnessed firsthand the majestic beauty and rich diversity of this country.

Landsby creates unique and immersive experiences that not only provide travellers with purposeful and enriching trips but aim to positively impact the communities being explored.

Northern Soul is the voice of our award-winning team at Landsby. By harnessing the power of storytelling, we empower domestic and international travellers to explore Canada responsibly and create deeper connections to our culture, land, and community.

We are dedicated to advancing Canada’s tourism sector through innovative partnerships, captivating narratives, and a focus on Indigenous and Regenerative travel.

Although as a country, Canada is relatively new, the land on which it sits has been the ancestral home of First Nations and Inuit populations since time immemorial. It is these many layers of Canada — from the majestic natural beauty and rich cultural heritage to the new cultures added as we grow through immigration — that led me to start Landsby in 2020.

From north to south, east to west, I have heard stories, met makers, and seen places that make me proud to call Canada home. With Landsby and Northern Soul, I hope to see more Canadians and International visitors discovering all that is beautiful and unique about Canada through meaningful travel — travel that seeks to connect us and helps us build stronger community.

We look forward to planning your next Canadian experience.

Thank you for joining us.