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aerial view of green trees

Destination BC/Cristina Gareau

Destination BC/Cristina Gareau

At Landsby, our purpose is to empower travellers to explore Canada responsibly and create deeper connections to the country’s culture, land and community.

Scroll down to discover how we are taking climate action, supporting Regenerative and Indigenous tourism and contributing to a stronger and more resilient workforce in Canada.

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Landsby Smart Forest

Photo c/o Ontario Parks

Photo c/o Ontario Parks

Landsby has established a Smart Forest in the endargered Acadian forest region of New Brunswick through a collaboration with Canada's Forest Trust Corporation (CFT). The forest will be preserved and protected for 100+ years.

This initiative holds significant importance for Landsby as we contribute to Canadian climate solutions while safeguarding the beloved forests that our travellers cherish from coast to coast. Our Smart Forest supports the healthy growth of 5,000 trees that will sequester carbon, promote biodiversity, mitigate global warming, and strengthen our nation's social and economic resilience.

Through our partnership with CFT, Landby aims to not only invest in nature's amazing ability to capture carbon, but also to rejuvenate wildlife habitats and honour Indigenous Land Knowldge. Our Smart Forest supports a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Climate Action (SDG 13) and Life on Land (SDG 15).

Regenerative Travel Agency of Change

In 2023, Landsby became Canada's first and only Founding Agency of Change with Regenerative Travel. The desgination means Landsby is part of a small but growing network of travel agents who work to bring regenerative travel experiences to their clients, thus becoming stewards of change in the travel industry.

“If we want to evolve as an industry, the only way forward is to travel responsibly and with purpose,” says Jason Sarracini, Founder and CEO of Landsby. “We are a work-in-progress and there is a lot of growth ahead of us. We will succeed by engaging, collaborating with and promoting like-minded businesses.

As part of Landsby's commitment to regenerative travel, we have sponsored and will be attending the important 2024 IMPACT Sustainability Travel and Tourism Conference in Victoria, British Columbia.

Indigenous Tourism Vision 30 Pledge Signee

Photo by Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Photo by Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Landsby has signed the Vision 2030 Pledge created by the Indigenous Travel Association of Canada (ITAC), vowing to help make Canada the leader in Indigenous Tourism by 2030.

Why is this important?

At a basic level, Indigenous tourism is Canadian tourism and we have and always will support a strong and resilient sector. But beyond that, we have learned that growing Indigenous tourism is a way forward for us as a country toward reconciliation because tourism experiences have a way of connecting cultures, starting conversations and uniting people.

We hope you will join us in celebrating, experiencing, and uplifting Indigenous tourism in this beautiful country.

Read our story In Her Footsteps to see how Indigenous experiences can change our perspective.

Certified Living Wage Employer

Certified Living Wage Employer, the parent company for Landsby, is a Certified Living Wage Employer, recognizing that paying a living wage constitutes a critical investment in the long-term prosperity of the economy and fosters a dedicated, skilled and healthy workforce.

Destination BC/Andrew Strain

Destination BC/Andrew Strain

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