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Haliburton Highlands & the Ottawa Valley Tours

If you look at a map of Ontario and let your eyes wander just south of Algonquin Park, you’ll discover a big swath of green dotted with blue lakes. This is Ontario’s Highlands, a region that stretches from the Haliburton area in the west to the Ottawa Valley in the east. In between, you will find picturesque towns such as Haliburton, Perth and Bancroft, Instagram-worthy scenery in the hilly countryside and more adventure opportunities on the waterways than you can imagine. The swells and rapids of the Ottawa River, which snakes its way through the area’s eastern edge, offer some of the best white water rafting in Canada. Those looking for a more tame water adventure will find an abundance of options throughout the region, from paddling along calm lakes and rivers to touring the Rideau Heritage Route in a boat. The team at Landsby is always happy to help plan your trip, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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