The Autumn Collection

Our seasonal collection of stories focuses on what really matters when we travel: making connections that enrich our lives and the lives of those we meet along the way.

The stories contained in this collection present you with a slower and more meaningful way to connect with a destination and introduce you to tourism providers who are passionate about showcasing their corner of Canada.

Autumn in Canada is a particularly scenic season. Farmer's markets are in abundance, leaves and plants change to brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow. This is the season that beckons us to take the long walk home, enjoy the outdoors just a little longer. It is also a wonderful time to take a trip as the weather is still relatively warm and most places are mercifully bug-free.

We hope these stories of incredible places throughout Canada will inspire you to plan an autumnal getaway.

Strait of Georgia Brewery Circle Tour

The Straight of Georgia divides Vancouver Island from the British Columbia mainland. Writer Aubrey Reine uses any excuse to get out and enjoy this beautiful region, just a short journey from his home in Vancouver.

In this story, he explores the region through the many craft breweries that have popped up along the route. It is a perfect fall getaway whether you're looking to try new craft beers or just want to lazy around on a patio with killer views.

Illustration based on photo by Persephone Brewing Company.

The Slow Train To Charlevoix

Sure there are faster ways to travel than a sightseeing train that meanders along a river bank, but where's the fun in that?

The Train de Charlevoix follows a 100-year-old scenic route that connects a string of pretty coastal communities in the Quebec countryside. It hugs the mountains on one side and looks out over the vast St. Lawrence River on the other. The stops along the way are just as picturesque as the ride itself. Bucolic Charlevoix will charm you and you'll soon be plotting your next visit as you daydreaming about the rillette du canard.

Illustration based on photo by Caroline Perron/Tourism Charlevoix

The Churchill Connection

There once was a polar bear named Debby. Orphaned as a young cub, she came to live at Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo and when she died at nearly 42 years of age, she became one of the oldest known polar bears to ever live.

Her legacy, however, didn't stop there.

Illustration based on photo by Travel Manitoba

For The Love of Birds

The coastal landscapes and boreal forests of Atlantic Canada are home to a large number of bird species and host even more during critical migration times.

For a birder, this is paradise.

Newfoundlander Jared Clarke has been birding since his university days when he first discovered that he could combine his love of nature with his love of collecting things. He's now observed approximately 1,200 different bird species and loves to share his passion as a tour guide.

Illustration based on photo by Barrett & MacKay.

Digging Into Our Prehistoric Past

It came as quite a surprise to Zach Vanasse when he realized that he could assist with real paleontological work while travelling. When he found himself leading a tour group that got to work side-by-side with the world-renowned Canadian palaeontologist Dr. Philip Currie, Zach knew he'd found his calling.

"Like 'Oh my God, I found a dinosaur bone, I never thought I'd get to do that,'" Zach said. "It is mind-blowing when you think these hadn't been seen for 66 to 75 million years."

Time to add a Dinosaur Trip to the Alberta Badlands to your bucket list.

Illusatration based on photo by Jeremy Klager

Fall on Fogo Island

Everyone needs a pastime and on Fogo Island in the fall, that pastime is berry picking. With more than 30 varieties of local berries covering the ground all over the island, you'd really have to go out of your way not to stoop down and pick a few.

For Lorie Penton, berry picking brings her back to her days as a child on Fogo. She'd run around picking partridge berries and then bring them to her grandmother. Together they'd bake Molasses Jam Tarts.

Visitors to Fogo Island are always amazing not only by the abundance of berries and fall colours, but that the berries are free to pick.

Illustration based on photo by Fogo Island Inn.

Indigenous Medicine Walks

Since time immemorial, Indigenous people have been using the gifts of the Earth for food and medicine.

Brenda Holder of Mahikan Trails was gifted with the teachings of Plant Medicine from her grandmother and now uses that gift to teach others.

Illustration based on photo by Travel Alberta / Colin Way