Discover Unique Experiences

From cozy inns and rustic retreats to dynamic city stays, an Ontario vacation offers many ways to enjoy this beautiful province.


Try Exciting Outdoor Adventures

Ontario has incredible landscapes and vast wilderness to explore. Step outside and see it all in a new light.


Get Away With Family & Friends

Disconnect from technology and reconnect with loved ones on an immersive Ontario holiday. Relax in nature and rejuvenate the soul.

Dreaming of getting away?

Ontario’s versions of Paris, London and Dublin may not be as grand as their European counterparts, but we’d venture to say their beauty rivals anything you’d find abroad. 

Rediscover joy and adventure as you discover Ontario. Reconnect with loved ones, relax in unique getaways and rejuvenate your spirit without ever leaving your home province. With more than 250,000 lakes, award-winning wineries, majestic wilderness and vibrant cities, Ontario is an adventurer’s dream.

Get the Staycation Tax Credit

No dealing with jet lag, no fumbling through foreign languages, no expensive Transatlantic flights…

But if you need an extra incentive to explore your own beautiful province this year, the new Ontario 2022 Staycation tax credit will refund you 20% of your accommodation costs!

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