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Discover the Yukon

As the weather warms up in the Yukon, you'll discover a land of endless adventure. Enjoy the wildflowers of spring, the midnight sun of summer or the spectacular fall Aurora with Landsby.

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    Experience Nature & Wilderness

    Hike Kluane National Park under the midnight sun, paddle the Yukon River or head out on a dogsled: every season offers a new adventure in the Yukon.

    See the stunning Aurora Borealis

    The Yukon is the perfect location for seeing the epic Northern Lights. Combine it with a trip to Whitehorse or head to a wilderness lodge.

    Discover Yukon’s Flora & Fauna 

    From Caribou and Moose to Bison and Thinhorn Sheep, the Yukon is home to some of Canada’s most epic wildlife. 

    Our Yukon getaways from Toronto include roundtrip airfare, airport transfers and accommodations. You’ll even find holidays that include all your meals. What are you waiting for? Your Yukon adventure is just a click away. 

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    Why Explore the Yukon?

    The Yukon is a vast playground for adventurous souls. Perhaps there is some intrepid magic in the air, or perhaps it is just that the rugged landscapes of the Yukon inspire our imaginations. This is the land of the midnight sun and the magical Northern Lights. Get in touch if you have any questions about our tours and experiences in the Yukon.

    Adventures in the Yukon

    The vast territory of the Yukon provides an endless opportunity for adventure. 

    If you arrive in the summer, you can expect almost endless hours of daylight, comfortable temperatures and lots of options to explore the verdant landscape. You can go hiking or paddling, flightseeing or fishing or just enjoy the hospitality of the Yukon’s cities and towns. Take advantage of the months with “midnight sun” for extra hours of adventure. 

    In the fall, the landscape changes from green to orange, red and yellow and the days become dramatically shorter meaning that the evenings are lit up once again with the Aurora Borealis. This is a great season for wildlife viewing.

    The winter arrives with long, dark nights that are perfect for enjoying the magic of the Northern Lights. In the daytime, you can soak in the frozen beauty of the landscape with adventures such as skiing, ice fishing, fat biking or dogsledding.

    In the spring, the temperatures start to warm up a bit but the winter landscape remains, making this a great time to enjoy outdoor winter sports without the bite of winter weather. Late in spring, migratory birds arrive, crocuses appear on the hillsides and wildlife emerges. 

    Wildlife in the Yukon

    While out on your outdoor activities, you should keep an eye out for some of the Yukon’s incredible wildlife. Home to some of Canada’s most iconic animals, the Yukon is the perfect place to see wildlife in its habitat, surrounded by pristine nature. 

    What big wildlife can you spot in the Yukon?

    • Moose are best spotted while on hiking or paddling adventures. 
    • Elk can generally be found in the triangular area between Whitehorse, Carmacks and Haines Junction.
    • Woodland Caribou can be spotted in winter on the Robert Campbell Highway and along the Alaska Highway near Watson Lake and Whitehorse. In the summer, you can find the species in subalpine areas above the tree line.  
    • Bears can often be seen along the Yukon’s highways. Black bears and grizzlies are both quite common but polar bears only live in the far arctic reaches. 
    • Wood bison can be encountered on the Alaska Highway south of Watson Lake, as well as in the alpine regions during the summer.
    • Thinhorn sheep and mountain goats can be spotted on hikes in the Yukon’s mountains.

    The Yukon's Northern Lights

    One of the most popular reasons to visit the Yukon is to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis, also commonly known as the Northern Lights. The Yukon, situated as it is under the Auroral Oval, is one of the top places in the world to see the Aurora — no binoculars or special equipment required!

     Winter is a great time to visit the territory for Aurora viewing as the nights are long but you can also see the Lights in the fall (usually after the middle of August).

    The Yukon is one of Canada’s last true wildernesses, and Landsby has put a lot of care into our collection of Yukon tours, experiences, and accommodations.

    You will be amazed by the sheer beauty of this northern region — whether you’re exploring Whitehorse, dogsledding through tundra, or witnessing the breathtaking Aurora Borealis. Browse our Yukon Experiences, Trips, and Tours.

    There is so much beauty and significance waiting for you in the ragged mountain landscapes, endless plains, and ancient forests.

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