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21 April 2023

Landsby Named First & Only Canadian Agency of Change by Regenerative Travel

Photo by Neil Zeller @neil_zee c/o Travel Alberta

Landsby has become the first and only Canadian travel company to be named as a Founding Member of Regenerative Travel’s new Agency of Change program. Membership in this program means Landsby is part of a small but growing network of travel agents who work to bring regenerative travel experiences to their clients, thus becoming stewards of change in the travel industry.

“If we want to evolve as an industry, the only way forward is to travel responsibly and with purpose,” says Jason Sarracini, Founder and CEO of Landsby. “We are a work-in-progress and there is a lot of growth ahead of us. We will succeed by engaging, collaborating with and promoting like-minded businesses.”

What is Regenerative Travel?

Fogo Island Newfoundland

Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada

Regenerative travel is a movement that asks travellers to give back more to the destination than they take from it. It starts with a belief that tourism should add value to a destination and that travellers can make a positive impact by not only treading lightly but by spending their money with intention.

For us at Landsby, this means working with local partners, amplifying the work of small tourism business and Indigenous-owned businesses and helping our clients to build enriching trips that build connections between community and traveller. As part of our commitment to supporting Indigenous businesses, we have signed the Indigenous Travel Association of Canada’s pledge to make Canada the global leader in Indigenous tourism by 2030.

“When we wrap unique experiences together with a stay that has character and purpose, it makes for the perfect trip that we know travellers will be seeking for years to come. These trips are not just good for the traveller, but also reverberate positively on the communities we visit,” says Aurélie Gilles, Director of Canadian Travel at Landsby.

Balancing the desire for travel with the needs of the environment and the distinct needs of each community is the challenge for the travel industry as we move forward. We have a long way to go — both as an industry and as a company — but we are dedicated to making a positive impact. And for us that starts with creating trips that are authentic, purpose-driven and immersive.

“Quality tourism isn’t about rushing to see as many destinations as possible, but about connecting to a place in a meaningful way,” says Aubrey Reine, Product Director at Landsby. “There’s so much to see in Canada, you could spend lifetimes exploring and not see it all. Those who take the time to connect to a place are often rewarded with more than just pictures.”

Meet Landsby’s Regenerative Agents of Change

Jason Sarracini:

Jason SarraciniJason Sarracini has worked in travel for more than 20 years. Born and raised in Toronto, he has influenced many areas of the travel industry, including retail, wholesale, media and technology. He founded Landsby in 2020 as a response to the global pandemic, recognizing the opportunity to steer the Canadian tourism industry inward to boost, promote and encourage the growth of small, local and authentic travel experiences. Read Jason’s full profile.

Aurélie Gilles:

Aurélie Gilles was born and raised in a small fishing village in Normandy, but curiosity led her to explore the world and she fell in love with tourism. She joined Landsby in 2021 because the company’s values of creating authentic and immersive experiences aligned perfectly with her own driving principles. She loves to create life-changing experiences for her clients that help them to see Canada through a different lens while connecting with local cultures and lifting up the communities they visit. Read Aurélie’s full profile.

Aubrey Reine:

Aubrey Reine grew up exploring the prairies, mountains and coastlines of Western Canada, which instilled in him a passion for the outdoors. He has spent more than a decade in various aspects of the Canadian tourism sector, including roles in guiding, sales, destination management and product development. He brought his considerable knowledge of Canada to Landsby in early 2022 and has been championing lesser-known Canadian destinations ever since. He is using his own experiences in off-the-beaten-path travel to create authentic and immersive trips for Landsby’s clients. Read Aubrey’s full profile.

As Founding Members in the Agency of Change program, Landsby receives special perks for our clients when booking from the growing network of Regenerative Travel’s hotels. Please reach out to us if you are interested in planning a trip and want to incorporate regenerative values into your getaway.