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See South Eastern Ontario this Winter

See South Eastern Ontario this winter with Landsby. Find out some of the incredible adventures waiting for you this winter in SE Ontario.


Take the train this winter

Enjoy cozy winter getaways without the winter drive. Choose from rustic country inns or
dynamic city stays.


Fine wine and great food

Wine and dine your way through South Eastern Ontario. Discover farm-fresh fare and delicious
creations from the region’s top chefs.


New Adventures Await

This is no time to hibernate: experience the joy of winter with retreats that showcase the best of this beautiful season.

Don’t hibernate this winter — explore the incredible sights and sounds of South Eastern Ontario. Memories of staying inside last winter are still pretty fresh, but we’ve got countless ways for you to get out and have fun safely this winter.  We want Canadians to See Canada and Stay Canada this snowy season, with experiences designed just for us.

Our vast country is filled with vibrant regions waiting to be explored! Let’s start our exploration in dynamic South Eastern Ontario, where the natural landscape beckons outdoor adventurers and the towns and cities offer cozy winter retreats. Are you ready for some winter fun?  Get in touch with any questions — we’d love to hear from you!

Why South Eastern Ontario?

Browse the experiences we offer in South Eastern Ontario to see just how much this region has to offer visitors. The landscapes of South Eastern Ontario are incredible year round but turn into a snowy wonderland come winter: peaceful, snow-covered forest trails; white islands dotting an icy St. Lawrence; and historic towns and villages lit up to illuminate the snow. This is Ontario winter at its best.

You can walk along one of the beautiful beaches in winter – just don’t go for a dip in the water, or birdwatch along one of the many kilometres of trails. The region’s vast network of lakes and rivers offers plenty of opportunities for ice fishing. And if you’re after more heart-pumping adventure, South Eastern Ontario has got you covered, with skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, snowmobiling and more. While some places  go into hibernation at this time of year, South Eastern Ontario comes alive!

Take the Train this Winter!

Sometimes, the main aspect of winter travel that puts people off is transportation. Driving on winter roads can be daunting, so many people simply avoid all but necessary journeys. This is where South Eastern Ontario really shines, with excellent and efficient train service right across the region  during the winter months.

South Eastern Ontario’s trains cut a peaceful path through the tranquil, snow-sprinkled countryside, giving you a feel for the region that you simply can’t access while driving on the highway! If this sounds appealing, take a look at our Rail and Roam promotion in association with VIA Rail Canada, ONTARIO Yours to Discover, and South Eastern Ontario.

We hope we’ve inspired some readers to get out and discover the wonders of South Eastern Ontario this winter. For more information and inspiration...

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