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2 May 2023

My Quebec City Food Diary

Photo by Jean-François Frenette

Long before I arrived in Quebec City, I had heard that it was a vertiable paradise for food lovers seeking authentic and unforgettable culinary experiences. Hailing from France, good cuisine takes me back to my roots and I was excited to see how Quebec City’s chefs incorporate French influences with Canadian terroir.

What I discovered is a city with a vibrant food scene that caters to every palate, from classic bistros to contemporary fine dining establishments. It was an absolute pleasure to walk through the charming streets of Quebec City and experience sumptious cuisine at every meal.

Join me on my gastronomic journey as I introduce you to the three incredible eateries that nourished me in Quebec City.

Breakfast: Ristorante Il Teatro

Location: 972 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City

The beautiful Ristorante Il Teatro is a contemporary restaurant with an Italian inspired menu. My breakfast at this stunning establishment started with coffee, which was as delicious as one would expect from an Italian spot. I enjoyed watching the sun stream in through the big windows as I sipped my coffee and waited for my breakfast.

For breakfast I ordered the Landaise Cassolette, which consists of potatoes, duck confit, mushroom, rosemary, porto sauce, taleggio cheese and a perfect poached egg. From the service and the presentation to the taste and quality of the food, this restaurant is top-notch.

My favourite part of the experience (beyond the delicious food) was the atmosphere of the place. It is located in the same building as the spectacular Le Capitole Hôtel (in which I was staying), nestled into the old historic theatre building. The restaurant faces out onto popular Rue Saint-Jean right next to the St. John Gate, one of the main gates into the Old City. It is a great spot for people watching or seeing the city wake up.

Lunch: Chez Boulay Boreal Bistro

Location: 1110 Rue Saint-Jean Quebec City

For lunch, I ventured to Chez Boulay Boreal Bistro, which is located just a short walk from Il Teatro on Rue Saint-Jean. This was a meal I had long been anticipating because the Boreal Bistro features what I love the most when it comes to dining out during my travels: local cuisine with a twist! Sourced from the boreal forests and local producers, the food is inspired by Nordic traditions. Chefs Jean-Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand are the owners behind the well-known bistro, which sits right in the thick of all the action on Rue Saint-Jean making it yet another great spot for people watching.

I enjoyed a nice glass of Cabernet Franc while waiting for my meal. All of the wine selection is local as well, which I really appreciate. The menu here changes with the sourced ingredients and you can expect a whole new menu each week. When I was there, I had an amazing fried cheese starter and a delicious mille feuille for dessert. For my main meal I chose something that took me back to my childhood — black pudding (boudin noir)! The meal was delicate, with the flavours of the fresh ingredients taking centre stage. It featured a duo of black pudding and cabbage pudding served with comptonie, mashed potatoes and candied apple wedges.

The food was amazing and I really loved the atmosphere inside where the prep kitchen is visible to the guests for a lively and intimate setting.

Dinner: La Buche Restaurant

Location: 49 Rue Saint-Louis, Quebec City

For dinner, I headed into the heart of Old Quebec to La Buche, where the unbeatable atmosphere is uniquely Quebecois. The restaurant is in an old historic stone building but inside the setting is reminiscent of a sugar shack meets a mountain lodge. Fun and lively, La Buche is a quintessential experience.

I started with an Old Fashioned cocktail, made Quebecois style topped with a piece of maple-candied bacon. For food, you’ll find many interesting and classic Quebec dishes here, such as maple wood smoked trout gravlax, deer tartare and pâté Chinois (which is the French Canadian version of Shepherd’s pie). I chose to order a classic Tourtière (meat pie) with Quebec venison, Nagano pork and AAA beef, which was served with a salad and a fruit ketchup.

There are no shortages of places to eat in Quebec City and it can sometimes be overwhelming to chose where to dine! If you are planning a trip to Quebec City, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or browse through our Quebec Experiences.

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