Current Issue: Spring 2024 | Volume 3
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By harnessing the power of storytelling, we empower domestic and international travellers to explore Canada responsibly and create deeper connections to our culture, land, and community. Read our stories about the people and places of Canada for inspiration on your next travels.

Summer 2024 Issue Coming June 1

Hundreds of small orange flowers in bloom against green grass.

Current Issue

From the awe-inspiring beauty of Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan to the conservation efforts on the shores of Lake Superior, this issue celebrates Canada's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Volume 2: Winter 2024

The stories in this issue showcase Canadians who not only survive winter but thrive in it. They slow down to be fully present for each snow-covered moment. Get inspired to embrace winter in all its icy glory.

Volume 1: Fall 2023

Connect with Canada in the inaugural issue of Northern Soul with stories about a spectacular lodge in Desolation Sound, going off-the-beaten path in Newfoundland and supporting an inspiring entrepreneur in Iqaluit.