The Winter Collection

Head for the Hills

The Eastern Townships are a scenic area of Québec. In the winter, they offer an unparalleled ski experience, with four separate mountains in close proximity to each other. Each mountain resort has a different vibe. Find one that suits you or stay for a weekend and mountain hop.

Illustration based on image by André Rider

Breaking Ice

The St. Lawrence River provides a big playground for the men and women brave enough to paddle its icy depths. Follow along as writer Aurélie Gilles learns the sport of ice canoeing in Québec City. Throw all your preconceived notions out the window — this isn't your mellow summer paddle.

Illustration based on image by Francis Gagnon

The Good Ol' Hockey Game

"Winter is a defining feature of life in Canada," writes Aubrey Reine. "How we make the most of our colder months is rooted to Canadian identity." Read as Aubrey revisits the winters of his childhood and shares the best places to skate in his hometown of Calgary.

Illustration based on image by Destination Canada


As soon as the lake ice freezes over, colourful huts begin to appear on the horizon and Canadians head out with an auger and a rod to fish. Ice fishing is as old as time but if you've never tried it, you might be intimidated. Yvonne Brown of Ontario Women Anglers offers tips on how to get started.

Illustration based on image by Robert J. Jeffrey

In Her Footsteps

Heather Black is the face behind Buffalo Stone Woman, an Indigenous company that offers hikes in the Kananaskis region with an Indigenous perspective. Writer Magdalena Skiba finds herself reflecting on the beauty of life as she learns to cleanse with a traditional smudge ceremony in the mountains.

Illustration based on image by Izabela Jaroszynski