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  • 2 Days
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    The Ojibway spirit horse is thought to be the only existing breed of the horse created by Indigenous people in Canada. During this adventure, visitors will experience firsthand the horse’s majestic beauty and healing capabilities. Gather around a fire to hear stories passed down by generations of First Nations People as they share their connection to this spiritual animal. The sound of traditional drums and fiddles will stay with you long after you’ve gone home.  Spend your overnight at the very cool Retro Suites and continue your experience on Day 2 with a family pass to Point Pelee National Park, the southernmost point of the Canadian mainland. Practicing Responsible Tourism in Canada Here at Landsby, we feel very strongly that responsible tourism is the only way to explore Canada and that it’s the only way we can champion the very best Canadian experiences. It is every tourist and tourism business’s responsibility to look after the people of Canada, and to look after the environment. For every reservation on this Indigenous spirit horse experience, a donation will be made to Acceptional Riders, and when the Responsible Traveller Pledge is signed, carbon offsets will be purchased for the transportation portion of your trips from Less Emissions, a provider of carbon offsetting projects in Ontario Southwest.