Fogo Island Inn – Luxury at the Edge of the Earth

Find yourself at one of the four corners of the Earth!
Fogo Island Inn sits on an island, off an island, at one of the four corners of the Earth. Situated along Iceberg Alley, all 29 rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows opening onto the most powerful ocean on the planet. The Inn delivers magic and enchantment in a stark, unforgiving wilderness. Furnished with handmade quiet luxuries, it serves as a refuge from the numbing uniformity of modern times. The island’s still-wild world has caribou to track, hills of berries to forage, nature trails to explore, and birds and sea life to behold!
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There are seven distinct seasons on Fogo Island, hopeful springs, a trap berth season inspired by the traditional fishery, warm summers, the world’s best berry picking in the early fall, tempestuous late falls, snowy winters, and a spectacular pack ice season. Each of the seven seasons provides a different perspective for getting to know us, our island, and perhaps yourself.

Fogo Island is small enough to get to know, yet big enough to offer lots to do throughout its seven singular seasons.

A comprehensive look at everything to do on Fogo Island in each of the seven distinct seasons include:

• Warm Summers (July 1-August 31)
• Snowy Winters (December 1-February 28)
• A spectacular Pack Ice Season (March 1-31)
• Hopeful Spring (April 1-May 31)
• June's Trap Berth Season (June 1-30)
• Bountiful wild berry picking in autumn's Berry Season (September 1-October 31)
• A temperamental Late Fall (November 1-30)

All provide different perspectives for getting to know Fogo Island, and perhaps yourself.

We are at the ready to supply recommendations and customize your stay. There are more than a dozen easily accessible trails on the Island, and those who want to venture further can join our naturalists, geologists-in-residence, and community hosts for guided hikes.

Fogo Island Inn has an international reputation for exceptional, embodied, place-specific hospitality and bold, thoughtful, humanistic contemporary design. Each guest room is a handmade modern contemporary expression of traditional outport design and decor.

One of the Inn’s most iconic spaces, the Dining Room features a dramatic vaulted ceiling and looks out over the ocean with views of the community of Barr’d Islands in the distance. Depending on the season, guests seated in the Dining Room can watch icebergs bobbing in the waves, whales breaching offshore, or enjoy a front-row view of a savage North Atlantic gale.



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