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Grizzly Bear Safari

See bears in their natural habitat via River Drifts and Nature Walks in the Great Bear Rainforest!

Engage all your senses in a wild encounter with the grizzly residents of Bella Coola! Watch as grizzly bears catch and feast on salmon along the river, and wander across the lodge grounds. Drift by the river, or trek on foot through the Great Bear Rainforest with a knowledgeable guide to view these majestic creatures in the wild.

4-6 Days from $4135/person CAD
Travel Details
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Day 1: Arrive at the Lodge

For those choosing to arrive by air, enjoy the short 70 minute scenic mid-morning flight from Vancouver International Airport’s South Terminal direct to Bella Coola. Marvel at the impressive Coast Range mountains and expansive fjord network as you fly overhead.

Upon arrival at the Bella Coola airport, you will be met by your guide for introductions. They will assist you with your bags before transferring you ~45 minutes to the lodge.

If you are arriving by car, we recommend arriving no earlier than 14:00. If you arrive early, enjoy a bite to eat in the main lodge or relax with a cocktail on the sun deck.

Upon arrival at the lodge, you will be given a detailed orientation of the the lodge, its amenities, and the wildlife viewing stand.

Check-in to your chalet is at 16:00. A three course dinner is served at 19:00 each night.

Day 2-4: Grizzly Bear Safari

Grizzly Bear Viewing River Drift

Gently float down the Atnarko River in the presence of Grizzly Bears. Observe them in their natural environment, foraging for food, and looking after their young. Starting in late August, thousands upon thousands of salmon arrive in the local rivers to spawn – the final phase of their lifecycle.

For the bears, salmon are an easy meal. Many bears, as well as other wildlife, congregate on the river to feast and fatten up before the long winter ahead. Due to the abundance of food, the bears are less shy than usual. They are also more tolerant of each other as well as of the people drifting by with their cameras. Along with bears, it is also possible to see a wide variety of birds and other wildlife with incredible mountain views as the backdrop.

Private Groups of less than 3 guests will drift in a Mckenzie Drift Boat. These boats have comfortable seating for up to 3 adults + 1 guide and gear. Small Groups of more than 3 will drift in an Inflatable Raft. These boats have comfortable seating for up to 6 adults + 1 guide and gear. Both boat types provide a stable platform from which to capture photographs. There is a total guest weight restriction (including gear)of 800 lbs (382 kgs) for McKenzie Drift Boats. This also applies to Inflatable Rafts later in the season in low water conditions.

Whether on a McKenzie Drift Boat or an Inflatable Raft, a trained wildlife guide will accompany you every step of the way to explain Grizzly Bear behaviour, to teach you about the history and geography of the area, to share interesting facts about the river habitat, and to keep you safe.

Grizzly Bear Ecology Walking Tour

In autumn, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is all about bears and a highlight activity is to venture out on foot, with a guide, to discover these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Guests will learn about bear ecology and how to cohabitate safely amongst these magnificent creatures. Guides will take guests to some of the bears’ favourite hang outs and will point out signs of bear activity such as claw marks, day beds, scat, and tufts of fur stuck in the bark of rub trees. Other wildlife species that also inhabit the forest include black bears, mule deer, moose, American beaver, mountain goats, bald eagles and numerous amphibian species. The adjacent lands are also a significant habitat for Vaux’s swift, the Peregrine falcon, fisher, wolverine, and Townsend’s big-eared bat.

All tours are designed with safety in mind. It should be noted that the objective of these walks is not to see bears, but to find the telltale signs of their passing. In the event a bear is encountered, the guides are trained in reading and interpreting bear behaviour so that conflicts are avoided. Guests will be briefed on how to act in the wilderness to avoid startling a bear and how to react in case a bear is spotted. All of our guides also carry bear spray and are trained in how to deploy it safely. They also carry radios to communicate with the lodge in the case of an emergency.

Day 5: Explore the Great Bear Rainforest

Guided Hike in The Rainbow Range

The Rainbow Range hike is a 14 km round trip hike offering panoramic views of an eight-million-year-old peralkaline shield volcano. This hike has the advantage of starting at approximately 1400 metres of elevation. This allows guests to access trails above the treeline, in the open alpine, without first exhausting themselves climbing hundreds of feet/meters on a gnarly approach trail.

The day starts with a 45 minute drive up a switchbacking road affectionately referred to locally as simply “The Hill”. The elevation gain is 1400 metres up an escarpment separating the Bella Coola Valley from the Chilcotin Plateau.

The hiking trail begins by meandering through a burnt forest, then enters subalpine forests, winds past a couple of lakes, before topping out above tree line with views into the volcanic and multicolored peaks of the Rainbow Range. Highlights include abundant wildflowers, observing forest fire ecology, the option to go for a swim in the lake, the potential to spot marmot as well as wolf and moose tracks, and of course, the views from the top.

Day 6: Depart from the lodge

Enjoy one last peaceful morning in the forest and another delicious breakfast before saying goodbye to the Bella Coola Valley. After checking out at 11 am, you’ll transfer to the airport or ferry terminal for your return home.



  • Meet and greet at the Bella Coola Airport or BC Ferries Terminal
  • Small group transfers to and from Tweedsmuir Park Lodge at the start and end of your stay
  • Your own private timber-frame chalet
  • Three gourmet meals per day, plus savoury and sweet snack available anytime
  • Two half-day or one full-day guided activities on each full day of your stay
  • The service of professionally trained and certified wilderness and wildlife guides
  • Binoculars, radios, rain jackets and pants, umbrellas, climbing harnesses, mountain bikes, helmets, and lifejackets
  • Private wildlife viewing platform, hot tub, cedar sauna, fitness centre, yoga studio, dining room, lounge, outdoor patio, fire pit, and retail shop
  • A full-service bar, billiards table, dart board, foosball table, poker table, satellite television, stone fireplace, well-stocked library, and board games
  • One 50-minute massage per person per stay
  • One complimentary bottle of wine per group upon arrival 

Not Included

  • The cost of travel to and from Bella Coola
  • Helicopter Adventures
  • River Fishing (not available during Grizzly Bear Viewing season)
  • Alcohol
  • Retail purchases
  • Gratuities

Included day touring options include:

  • Scenic Atnarko River Drifts
  • Guided Interpretive Nature Walks
  • Guided Bella Coola Valley Hikes
  • Highlights of the Bella Coola Valley Tour
  • Via Ferratta
  • Guided Hikes in the Rainbow Range
Travel Details

Primary Location

Bella Coola, British Columbia


September 1 - October 16

Pricing Details

Contact us for more information and pricing!

  • Semi Private packages = Social Value. Our semi private packages offer the knowledge and expertise of experienced guides in a fun and social setting. The itinerary is set and groups feature no more than 6 participants per guide. Family and friend groups can be larger than 6 if they wish; however, we will not group more than 6 individuals from separate groups together. There are two-half-day or one full-day guided activities included on each full-day of the program. There are no activities on arrival or departure day. If a guest wants to substitute an activity from the sample itinerary for something else, they can do so, but the substituted activity is subject to additional fees on top of the package price. This can be done in advance or while at the lodge. Activity substitutions are not guaranteed unless they are made at least 14 days in advance.
  • Private packages = Flexibility Exclusivity. Whether you’re looking for adventure or prefer to explore at your leisure, our private packages offer guests the exclusivity of a private guide as well as the ability to tailor their itinerary based on their personal interests and physical fitness level. If a guest wants to curate their own itinerary, this can be done in consultation with our team. All members of the group must agree to the same activity at the same scheduled time. If they wish to do different activities, additional guides can be hired to facilitate two separate activities at the same scheduled time. Activity substitutions are not guaranteed unless they are made at least 14 days in advance.
  • 25% deposit is required at the time of booking with balance due 90 days prior to travel.
  • Participants on the Grizzly Bear Safari need to be at least 12 years old. But good news, infants and children are accepted during non-bear season i.e. June-August 31 (families with children 11 and under need to book a Private package)
  • Travelling solo? Welcome! During our bear viewing season, we do not offer a Single Occupancy supplement, however, you can book 2 spots for yourself.
Options Extras

Optional Extras

  • Helicopter tours
  • River fishing
  • Glacial fjord & hot-springs tours
  • Flights to and from Bella Coola
  • Pre and post hotel nights in Vancouver

Travel Privately

You can request to book this tour privately, travelling only with people you know.

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