Howe Sound Crest Trail Backpacking Trekking Adventure

Prepare yourself for an incredible private one-of-a-kind experience at The Howe Sound Crest Trail!
The Howe Sound Crest Trail is an incomparable advanced hiker trail, that follows along the summits of the coast mountains of the most southern glacial fjord in the northern hemisphere and experiences breathtaking backcountry views of mountains, lakes, creeks, and a tangle of ocean inlets and islands. Two expert backcountry guides will take you for an incredible private one-of-a-kind experience!
3 Days from $2599/person CAD
Food & Wine
Off The Beaten Path

Primary Location

Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia


Seasonality runs from July 1st to September 30


  • Roundtrip scenic guided drive-in luxury class vehicle from Metro Vancouver to Cypress Provincial Park and the Porteau Cove Marine Park
  • Camping equipment including backpacks, waterproof tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, camp stools, all cooking, eating, and drinking utensils, 2 lanterns, clothesline, freshwater containers, and treatment
  • 3 days, with 2 Backpacking and Camping Guides for up to 10 hours per day
  • Daily Breakfast, 3 Course Lunches, and 3 Course Dinners
  • An amazing unforgettable trip of your lifetime!

Not Included:

  • Does not include breakfast on the first day, nor dinner on the last day. Does not include alcoholic beverages
  • Anything of a personal nature or that is not mentioned in included

Pricing Details

Contact us for more information and pricing!

  • Fitness Level: Participants should be active, agile, and must be capable of walking on dirt paths with some rough terrain.
  • This specific tour is for intermediate/advanced fit people due to terrain conditions. Not advisable for those with respiratory or heart problems, nor is it recommended for those with significant physical disabilities. This is an active excursion, suitable for more agile guests who live an active lifestyle.
  • Hiking boots or shoes: before the trip walk in your hiking boots for an hour at a time to avoid nasty blisters on the trail!
  • Expect to use chains to traverse and ropes to descend safely along the trail on Day 1. You are on high mountain ridges and those with any kind of vertigo will not enjoy this adventure.

Optional Extras:

  • This is a sample itinerary - the exact program is tailored to the preferences of the group, weather conditions, and availability
  • You can choose if you want to experience true backpacking style dehydrated food or if you’d prefer a more ‘backcountry gourmet’ experience.

Custom Itinerary

This is a pre-designed itinerary that can be customized to your tastes and desires. At Landsby, we are specialists in creating unique experiences in Canada, due to a personal and direct relationship with our local partners.

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Your guides help you learn and appreciate backcountry camping and who will show you the best places to see and trails to hike. You will be sleeping in tents along the trail in a comfortable group-camping setting. You will be taught how to use camping equipment like a pro and provide a myriad of stories, facts, and information about the geology and ecosystems flora and fauna and mini-workshops on:

• How to pack a backpack - Guests will assist in the carrying of food, water, and equipment plus personal items
• Backcountry safety and nutrition
• How to set up a backcountry camp
• Leave No Trace Principles

The itinerary will vary based on guests’ desires and on how much hiking guests want each day. Camping sites are as follows:

• 1st-night option 1 - Plateau above Enchantment Lake (11 km from Cypress Mountain Resort)
• 1st-night option 2 - Magnesia Meadows (14.5 km from Cypress Mountain Resort)
• 2nd-night option 1 - Brunswick Lake (19 km from Cypress Mountain Resort)
• 2nd-night option 2 - Deeks Lake (22 km from Cypress Mountain Resort)

While the elevation gain on this hike from the trailhead to the highest point is only 610m, you’ll climb closer to 1,800m in cumulative elevation gain over the length of the entire trail, indicating the amount of up and down we will be doing.

Day 1: Vancouver to Cypress Provincial Park

6:30 am - Depart from Vancouver to Cypress Provincial Park. Enjoy a scenic guided 45 min. drive to Cypress ski resort where the Adventure begins!
7:30 am - Backcountry How to Pack a Backpacking Workshop – learn the art and science of packing a Backpack.
8:30 am - Commence all day-hour hike. This will be the most challenging day traversing up to 4 peaks. Expect the majority of the trail's total elevation gain on this day. Numerous rest stops and a break for early Picnic Lunch.

Option 1 - Cypress Resort to Enchantment Lake – 11kms. It starts with a well-maintained trail up to St. Mark’s Peak about 5.5 km and the first set of stunning vistas and a gain of about 600 metres in lush old-growth forest. Here we will stop for lunch. Then, we’ll skirt the Lions with spectacular views back to Vancouver and past James and Thomas peaks through Enchantment Pass to the first camping option.

Option 2 - Cypress Resort to Magnesia Meadows – 14.5kms. An alternative is to keep going for another 3.5 km on a technically challenging trail. The benefit is that it makes for a much more leisurely 2nd day.

5:00 pm or as late as 8:30 pm - Arrive at the camp location. Varies based on the option chosen and pace taken. Participate in “How to set up Camp Workshop”. Free time & Appies.
6:00-9:00 pm - Dinner

Day 2: Options, Options, Options!

8:00 am - Breakfast.
9:30 am - Enchantment Lake to Deeks Lake – Length: 11 kilometres; suggested time: 8-10 hours. An Option exists to stop and camp at Brunswick Lake.
9:30 am - Magnesia Meadows to Brunswick Lake– Length: 4.5 kilometres; suggested time: 3 to 4 hours, one way; elevation change: With this option this day will be a more relaxed day as the hike will be much shorter. It is all about soaking up nature and enjoying this gorgeous area. When we get to camp you will be rewarded with a refreshing swim in a turquoise sub-alpine lake.
12:00 pm - Picnic Lunch along the way.
6:00 pm until 7:30 pm - Dinner - varies based on the option taken.

Day 3: Hiking and Departure

Take it all in and then descent. Start with an optional good morning wake-up swim and a warm healthy breakfast, to prepare us for the descent from mountain terrain to beachside ocean views.

8:00 am - Breakfast.
9:00 am - Break Camp.
9:30 am - Free time R&R - go take it all in.
10:30 am - 9 to 7km Descent to Parking Lot - minimal elevation alongside 3 sub-alpine lakes and a big waterfall and a long descent back down to sea level, the 3 km is a fairly steep descent.
12:30 pm - Lunch Break.
3:30 -5:30 pm - Arrival at Porteau Cove Parking lot.
4:30-6:30 pm - Arrive back in Vancouver.

Recommendations to prepare for this adventure? Focus on cardio fitness – get your heart pumping for 20mins each day. Leg strength – practice uphill hiking at the gym using “Stairmaster” equipment. Squats and Lunges work well for hiking uphill (train those knees and glutes). Back strength – hike trails with a loaded backpack that include elevation gains and downhill descents. Shoulder and core training exercises - prepare for carrying a weighted backpack. Walk in your hiking boots to avoid nasty blisters on the trail!

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