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5 January 2022

5 Incredible Waterfalls To See In Hamilton This Winter

Felker’s Falls (photo credit: @kev.chadee)

Hamilton is known as the City of Waterfalls for good reason: it is home to more than 100 beautiful waterfalls! Most people travel to see these in the summer and fall, however, we think they are absolutely worth a visit during the winter. In the frigid Ontario weather, the waterfalls transform into icy sculptures and some of the gigantic icicles seemingly float in mid-air. We suggest bringing a thermos of hot coffee or tea and enjoying a beautiful walk by one of these falls on a sunny winter day.

Here are five beautiful waterfalls to explore in the Hamilton area this winter:

Webster’s Falls (photo credit: @herrhackl)

Webster’s Falls

Located near the historic village of Dundas, Webster’s Falls is part of the stunning Spencer Gorge Conservation Area and one of the largest and most popular waterfalls in the Hamilton Area. This area gets extremely busy during the peak summer and fall seasons (reservations are required during these times) but quiets down in the winter months, especially on weekdays. Enjoy spectacular vistas and some cool geological formations in this part of the Niagara Escarpment.

Webster’s Falls is a classic curtain waterfall fed by the Spencer Creek. You can see it plunge 22 metres (more than 70 feet!) into the gorge below and, in the winter, the surrounding rock formations will be covered in a pretty icy sheen. There are two lookouts from which to see the falls at different angles and some lovely bridges to cross over the Spencer River.

Tew Falls

Also in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area is beautiful Tew Falls, a ribbon waterfall fed by Logie’s Creek. At 41 metres in height, Tews is the tallest waterfall in the area, although much narrower than neighbouring Webster’s. There are two platforms off the trail from which to view the falls as it plummets down, surrounded by ice and snow. A trail leads off from the upper platform into what is known as Shurvin Mile, a 1.8 km loop from Tews to an incredible lookout point of Dundas Peak. It is well worth the trek to see both of these geological features.

Devil’s Punch Bowl

The Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area, located on Hamilton’s east end by Stoney Creek, gives you two waterfalls for the price of one and some incredible geological features to boot.  The Lower Falls is a 5.5 metre classic waterfall, while the Upper Falls is a thin ribbon waterfall that plunges a stunning 33.8 metres. Although the volume of the water depends largely on the amount of rainfall and snowmelt happening at the time (yes, it can and does dry out), the real spectacle here is the surrounding “bowl” — a circular gorge with colourful layers of rock that was carved out during the last ice age. There is also a nearby lookout that has amazing views over Hamilton harbour and Stoney Creek.

The beauty of visiting Devil’s Punchbowl in the winter is that when conditions are right, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Upper Falls flowing down the walls of the gorge between massive ice stulplutres. A sight that’s not to be missed.

Felker’s Falls

Stoney Creek is home to another must-see waterfall and while it may not be as popular as the Devil’s Punchbowl, it is just as spectacular. Felker’s Falls is a 22-metre high and 6 metre wide ribbon waterfall that tumbles over a bedrock gorge. It is located inside the Felker’s Falls Conservation Area and easily accessible. The falls is stunning year round but especially magical in the winter when the surrounding rock walls are covered in icicles. Visit on a sunny winter day and you’ll be swept up in the shimmering beauty.

For those looking for a longer hike, Felker’s is part of the East Mountain Trail Loop that goes in a circle past Albion Falls, Buttermilk Falls and Glendale Falls.

Tiffany Falls

A short walk through a forested trail and over several bridges leads you to Tiffany Falls, a 21 metre tall cascade waterfall in the Dundas Valley. If the temperatures have dipped, you’ll be met with an truly spectacular sight: a frozen winter wonderland of dripping icicles and layered ice as Tiffany Falls completely freezers over. A wooden platform gives you a great view of the falls from the bottom but if you’re feeling up to it and have the proper footwear, you can walk right up to the falls over the ice. As ice climbing is allowed at this waterfall, you might even catch a glimpse of people scaling the sides of this frozen wonder.

You Must See These Epic Hamilton Waterfalls Frozen!

Visiting Hamilton’s waterfalls in the coldest months is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of an Ontario winter. These areas will be much quieter than they are in the summer, parking is easier to get to and the icy formations are simply a must-see.

Are you looking for scenic areas to visit in Ontario during winter? We’d love to help! Contact us today for authentic and amazing experiences in Canada.


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