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17 December 2021

5 Saskatoon Restaurants To Try in 2022

Saskatoon has become one of Canada’s coolest cities to visit. The unassuming Saskatchewan city, with a population of less than 300,000, has topped multiple must-visit lists, including the New York Times, which listed Saskatoon as number 18 on it’s 52 places to visit back in 2018.

For visitors, the city has a lot to offer: a beautiful location straddling the South Saskatchewan River, an incredible modern art museum (the Remai) and a friendly, welcoming vibe that makes you feel at home almost instantly.

If all that wasn’t enough to have you planning a Saskatchewan road trip, Saskatoon is also a dream destination for lovers of good food. Surrounded as it is by some of Canada’s most fertile farmland (Saskatchewan is known as Canada’s breadbasket after all), Saskatoon has always had incredible places to eat, with chefs that utilize farm to table methods. But over the last decade, ever since Chef Dale MacKay (winner of the first Top Chef Canada) returned to Saskatoon to open a restaurant, the food scene here has really exploded. It is hard to go wrong with a meal in Saskatoon, but we wanted to highlight five places we think are worthy of your attention in 2022. Start dreaming today about your foodie trip to Saskatoon!

Primal: 432 20th St. W

Primal is an Italian restaurant in the city’s Riversdale neighbourhood, one of the oldest areas of the city. It is the only eatery from Saskatoon to make it to OpenTable’s survey of Top 100 restaurants in Canada for 2021.

Primal takes pride in “creating time honoured Italian food and handmade pasta” using local ingredients. Residents frequent the restaurant for the great ambiance and even better food.

What to try: Bison Carpaccio, Spaghetti Carbonara, Pork Scallopini 

Leyda’s Café: 112 20th St. W

Leyda’s Café is Saskatoon’s first gluten- and nut-free cafe (as there is no gluten or nuts on the premises, there is no worry of cross contamination). It serves delicious meals made primarily of organic, local and seasonal produce.

Leyda’s offers meat and seafood, but also has vegan and vegetarian options — and the menu is infused with little-known superfoods to keep you healthy. If you’re visiting the city and looking to eat something healthy and tasty, this should be your go-to place.

What to try: Balinese Green Curry, Bison Burger, Fig Chicken Pizza

Odd Couple: 228 20th St. W

If you love Asian flavours, Odd Couple is a must-try. This family owned and operated eatery is a popular choice among locals who love Asian fusion. Odd Couple takes inspiration from Cantonese, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisines and it pairs that inspiration with popular Canadian dishes. The result is an inspired menu full of dishes such as the Maple-Glazed Cherrywood Smoked Bacon and BBQ Pork with Sunny Egg and Jasmine Rice.

What to try: Bacon Fried Rice, Chicken Tomato Curry, Beef Tenderloin with Mango Slaw, Ginger Shitake Mushrooms

Ayden Kitchen & Bar: 265 3rd Ave

Ayden Kitchen & Bar is the original Saskatoon eatery opened by Chef Dale MacKay (all of his establishments are worth a visit if you have time). Ayden’s offers local comfort food along with hand-crafted cocktails and wines. Whether you’re looking for a complete dining experience or to cap your night off with some drinks, this is the place for you. If you’re a meat lover, this eatery’s small but thoughtful collection of meat dishes will delight you.

What to try: Thai Chicken Wings, Popcorn Prawns, Rib Eye, Butchers Burger, Charcuterie Plate

Prime Rib Dinner at the Granary is a Saskatoon staple.

The Granary: 2806 8th St. E

The Granary is set in a former grain elevator and is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. The Granary promises to send you home “fully content”. Thanks to an extensive range of dishes that feature everything from incredible steaks and their famous prime rib to fresh seafood, pasta dishes and a salad wagon, the Granary delivers on its promise. Couple that with unique decor, great company and the friendly vibe this place offers and your night is sure to be one to remember.

What to try: Prime Rib, Atlantic Salmon, Maritime Lobster

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