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9 July 2021

9 Unique Places to Visit in British Columbia

Back in May, we wrote a blog about the
top 10 experiences in British Columbia. In the process of attempting to boil down BC experiences to our top 10, we realized how many incredible experiences we would have to miss. This blog is Landsby’s attempt to redress the balance, but it’s also not simply another list of the top things to do in BC. Instead, our focus is on the unique places throughout British Columbia. If anything we say inspires you to visit, we recommend that you spend a little time looking through our collection of BC Experiences and that you find a unique place to stay from our range of BC Vacation Rentals, Inns, and Boutique Hotels.

Disclaimer: Here at Landsby, we pride ourselves in championing the best experiences in Canada, so it’s difficult for us to not include every worthwhile place in this blog (and others like it). If we do not include your favourite unique location in BC, please don’t be upset, as this is a short list of just 9 spots in a province significantly larger than the entire country of Japan.

Capilano Suspension Bridge — North Vancouver

Local Vancouverites will already know (and love) Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. This impressive feat of engineering perfectly fits into the otherwise natural setting, giving visitors the experience of walking amongst the treetops. The aptly named suspension bridge crosses the Capilano River and it is only suitable for pedestrians, which means you won’t have to worry about any added danger or noise from vehicles. Our Capilano Suspension Bridge Experience is a particularly wonderful activity for families with young kids. However, adults should expect to be just as impressed as the children!

Barkerville — Eastern BC


Lovers of all-things-western won’t want to miss Barkerville. This is a restored gold rush town in eastern British Columbia, very close to the border with Alberta. The town has been restored to its 19th century origins, with authentic buildings, signs, roads, etc. In essence, this is an outdoor, living museum where you can walk around in Canada’s past, trying your hand at panning for gold, riding a stagecoach, and other authentic western activities. You can even try on some classic cowboy outfits and take a photo to remember your experience by.

Grouse Mountain — North Vancouver

Grouse Mountain

Another popular spot for local Vancouverites, Grouse Mountain offers unparalleled views of the city just fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver. Our Grouse Mountain experience includes a ride on the Skyride which travels from the city all the way up to Grouse Mountain. The journey itself is amazing — as is standing atop the mountain looking down on the beautiful city of Vancouver.

Spotted Lake — Similkameen Valley

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake perhaps earns the descriptor ‘unique’ more than anything else on this list. It is a lake that is extremely rich in certain minerals that create bizarre colours when much of the lake evaporates in the summer. The strange colours and shapes created in the lake are so strange you’d be forgiven for asking if you were on the set of a sci-fi film. Spotted Lake is a sacred site for the First Nations of the Okanagan Valley so it must be viewed from an observation point. Despite the public’s limited access, this is still very much worth visiting if you’re in the area.

The Klahoose Wilderness Resort — Powell River, British Columbia

The Klahoose Wilderness Resort is the perfect place to escape the trappings of modern life in favour of something altogether more natural and, well… wild. With grizzly bear viewing tours, indigenous storytelling, kayak experiences, and more, Klahoose is a haven of outdoor experiences for anyone looking to stay in the wilderness to the northeast of Vancouver. We’ll even be able to tell you where to get world-famous cinnamon buns on your way there!

Helmcken Falls — Wells Gray Provincial Park

Helmcken Falls

Wells Gray Provincial Park doesn’t get anywhere near the attention or recognition it deserves. This is perhaps because British Columbia has a huge number of national and provincial parks, so people simply lose count. The highlight here is Helmcken Falls. Not only is this waterfall beautiful, it is three times taller than Niagara Falls. If you’d like to see BC’s very own epic waterfall, then Helmcken Falls is a must. 

Eco Valley — Clinton, Cariboo Region

As British Columbia has some of the most pristine wilderness areas in all of Canada, it’s very tricky to narrow things down. However, the Echo Valley Signature Experience enjoys the spotlight because it combines access to stunning natural places with the luxury of a modern spa. It’s worth noting that Eco Valley is so out of the way that there is no cell service. There is WiFi, however, although we suggest simply turning your phone off and enjoying a complete digital detox.

Squamish — Just North of Vancouver


Just a short drive north of Vancouver, you’ll find the charming town of Squamish. While Squamish is nice enough, it’s the incredible hiking opportunities around it that bear mentioning here. This extremely mountainous area is perfect for hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. There is the famous mountain of Stawamus Chief to climb and the famously elegant Shannon Falls to admire. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and it’s all within just a short drive of Vancouver.

Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark — Eastern British Columbia

Tumbler Ridge Paleontology Exhibition

You’ll find Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark about halfway up the height of British Columbia, close to the eastern border with Alberta. It has been designated UNESCO Geopark status, which means that it is an area of deep significance in terms of geology, natural ecosystems, and cultural heritage. It is only the second designated Geopark in all of North America and it is well worth visiting if you’re looking for a unique experience in British Columbia. There are waterfalls, hiking trails, mountain peaks, and lots of sites where dinosaur fossils can be found. Take a look at the Paleontological Sites on the official Tumbler Ridge website to learn more.

That’s all we have time for today. Everyone here at Landsby sincerely hopes that people reading this guide will add at least one location from this list to their next visit to British Columbia. With so much to see here, it’s always good to narrow down your to-see list. If you have any questions about any of the Landsby experiences mentioned on this blog, please feel free to reach out. Happy adventures!

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