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14 October 2021

A Land At The Edge Of Earth: Fogo Island Experience

Wherever you are on Fogo Island, you’re never far from the sea. It penetrates the air, shapes the terrain and defines the culture of the people who call this remote place home. Scattered around this rocky outcrop on the cold North Atlantic are tiny communities where about 2,400 people live and work. The Labrador Current flows down from the Arctic Ocean and wraps around the island, bringing with it cold waters, floating icebergs and misty fog. The effect is breathtaking — a wild and remote place that feels very much like you have ventured to the edge of the world.

On the north side of the island is the community of Joe Batt’s Arm and it is here, perched atop jagged rocks, that you’ll find the Fogo Island Inn. The road in does not hint at what is to come when you reach the end: a stunningly designed modern hotel that is a perennial favourite on “Best Hotels in the World” lists. Depending on which season you arrive in — and locals will tell you there are at least seven distinct seasons on Fogo Island — you’ll find the hotel surrounded by something beautiful. Be it floating icebergs out in the Atlantic or a mystic fog that creates magic around the rocks.

Fogo Island is far away from far away

Once inside, the remoteness of the island is forgotten, replaced instead by warmth and hospitality in its truest and purest form. The hotel, decorated with natural and handmade pieces created by locals, feels less like luxury hotel and more like the super cool home of good friend. Staff greet you in kind — and at this point, having travelled by plane, ferry and car to arrive at this particular place, you really are almost like family. All your needs (and then some) are taken care of at this incredible property, but the true value of a visit to Fogo Island Inn comes from the hospitality — a natural and genuine extension of welcome that comes from the Fogo Islanders themselves.

Innkeeper Zita Cobb is fond of saying that Fogo Island is “far away from far away”. The island is located off the eastern coast of Newfoundland, which itself is an island off the eastern coast of mainland Canada. This is not a place where you would find yourself by accident nor is it a place you would visit on your way to somewhere else. You arrive on Fogo Island for Fogo Island. And what an unforgettable experience it is.

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