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20 December 2022

Are You Ready For The Country?

This is my first piece as Global Ambassador for Landsby. My goal is to help Canadians and international travellers discover truly memorable tourism experiences across this country. You will come to learn that I am nothing if not intentional. I aspire to be genuinely additive to readers and travellers as I highlight some of the most unique destinations, experiences and tourism-related activities in Canada.

We have so much to offer. And not nearly enough lifetime to experience it all.

Make travel personal

There is an art to what we do here at Landsby, something our team has mastered over the course of the multiple generations our families have been working in the Canadian hospitality and tourism industry. Our ability to work with tourism stakeholders all across this country (large and small) to curate immersive, invigorating experiences provides you the opportunity to personalize your travel and enrich your experience at your destination.

Planning your accommodation, where to eat and drink, what activities to participate in, which micro-communities to visit — every single aspect of your experience can be expertly curated to create the cumulative effect of a vivid and remarkable moment in your life and in the lives of the people you travel with.

The most moving tourism experiences of my life have been the richest journeys.

From the moment you leave your home, every decision you make has the potential to unlock unexpected experiences and parts of yourself you may not have tapped into before.  From the mode of transportation you choose — be it car, train, plane, boat, horseback or dogsled — to the destination you select, every element of your journey is vital to your experience as a whole. Make it count.

Reflecting back and forth

Legendary Canadian musician Neil Young recently released a film that accompanied the 50th anniversary of his iconic 1972 album Harvest. The digital liner notes seem apt for this moment.

“He famously wrote that Heart of Gold put him in the middle of the road, which was fine for a little while, but then got boring, so he steered into a ditch. It’s a good line. But what makes it interesting isn’t the metaphorical contrast between road and ditch, it’s the revelation that, in Young’s mind, he was always travelling — a prophecy the 50-plus years that came after bore out.”

May your travels be rich and adventure-filled. May you use the reflection of your past 50 years to look forward to your next 50 years. Because it’s time to go.

Travel well,