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11 April 2022

Experience Northeastern Ontario This Summer

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

From Manitoulin Island in the south to Moosonee in the north, Northeastern Ontario is a huge region that encompasses pristine wilderness, thriving communities and a whole lot of beauty to explore. There are so many incredible places to visit throughout this region that it would be impossible to cover it all. Instead we hope to inspire you to visit Northeastern Ontario this summer by offering you a few of our favourite things to see and do from the area.

Visit our Northern Ontario Tours & Experience page to discover more of things to see and do in Northern Ontario.

Things to see and do in Northeastern Ontario:

Finlayson Point. Photo courtesy of Ontario Parks

Temagami: Fire tower and the White Bear Forest

The community of Temagami, located about an hour north of North Bay, is often considered the gateway to Ontario’s wilderness. It is a stunning location surrounded by old growth pine forests, with Lake Temagami at its heart. Get a full 360° view of the town and the surrounding forested wilderness from the top of the town’s famous fire tower.

The tower is 100-feet high and sits atop the summit of Caribou Mountain, which is itself 400 feet above the town and 1300 feet above sea level. On a clear day, the view is spectacular.

After climbing the tower, take some time to explore the surrounding White Bear Forest, a conservation reserve that protects a big swath of old-growth forest filled with rare towering red and white pine trees. The area has beautiful hiking trails, some of which are easily accessible from Temagami. Several access points will take you along trails that have been used by the Anishinaabe for more than 5,000 years.

Camping at Finlayson Point Provincial Park

Northeastern Ontario has some truly spectacular wilderness and if you are a seasoned camper — or want to try out your wilderness skills — there’s no shortage of backcountry or crown land to explore in these area, including the spectacular Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park, which houses the winding Lady Evelyn River surrounded by some of the highest points in Ontario.

For those that want a milder adventure, Finlayson Point Provincial Park offers frontcountry campsites on a peninsula in Lake Temagami. This is a lovely place to camp if you enjoy paddling, boating, fishing and hiking.

Looking to experience the northern Ontario wilderness without the fuss of setting up a tent?

Try our awesome 3-day camping adventure in a prospector tent in remote Northeastern Ontario. You’ll reconnect with nature, experience some truly beautiful landscapes, go on guided adventures and still have the comfort of going to sleep on a real bed.

Climb the Devil’s Rock

If you’re not squeamish about heights, try a hike up to the Devil’s Rock on the west side of Lake Temiskaming near Haileybury.

A short hike from the small parking area will lead you to the edge of a 300-foot granite cliff that overlooks Temiskaming Lake, with stunning views out over the water and to Quebec on the opposite side! You can also reach the cliff’s edge on a slightly longer and steeper hike starting at Bucke Park Campground in Temiskaming Shores.

Cycle Sudbury’s Ramsey Lake

Located near Sudbury’s downtown core, picturesque Ramsey Lake is the perfect size for circumnavigating by bike — and that’s just what the Ramsey Lake Cycle Tour de Sudbury does. This fantastic route takes you around the lake on dedicated cycling trails that go through a variety of landscapes. You’ll cycle through parts of the city and along some very scenic parts of the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.

If you’re looking for other cycling adventures in Northeastern Ontario, check out our exclusive 5-day cycling experience on stunning Manitoulin Island. This fully supported adventure includes everything from an e-bike rental to accommodations so all you have to do is arrive on the Island with your sense of adventure. The best part about the experience is that it immerses riders in the rich Indigenous culture of the Island, as well as showcases some of the most stunning natural areas.

Whether you’re looking for a wilderness adventure or a fun city experience, Northeastern Ontario will deliver. Reach out to us if you have any questions about booking at 2022 getaway.