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19 December 2022

Finding Magic Near The North Pole


As children across Canada look to the skies this Christmas Eve in hopes of spotting St. Nicholas, we are looking to Nunavut, Canada’s closest region to the mythical home of Santa Claus. The North Pole itself sits somewhere in the Arctic Ocean and is not recognized as belonging to any country (although many, including Canada, have staked a claim). But Canada’s territory of Nunavut has some of the closest human settlements to the geographical North Pole. A visit here might not lead to an encounter with the man in the red suit, but we think what you’ll find is far more magical.

Vast, Remote & Beautiful

Nunavut — the largest of Canada’s three northern territories — takes up a staggering 21% of the country’s total land mass and encompasses most of the Canadian Arctic Archipalego. Despite its enormous size, Nunavut is home to fewer than 40,000 people, with the majority being Inuit. Nunavut is accessed by air or sea only, as there are no roads that lead up here from other parts of Canada. Nor are there roads to join the 25 communities that are scattered throughout the territory. Remote as it may be, Nunavut has so much to offer visitors. From pristine arctic landscapes to the warmth and hospitality of the locals, Nunavut is unlike any place on earth. As we all wind down for the holidays, we thought you might enjoy some beautiful photos of Canada’s incredible Arctic paradise (photos are courtesy of Travel Nunavut and Destination Nunavut).

Photo by Jason van Bruggen 2016

Photo by Jason van Bruggen 2016

Photo by Mark Aspland

A hiker takes a walk on the tundra along the ‘Road to Nowhere’, a winding gravel road snaking trough the tundra outside of Iqaluit city limits. Nunavut, Canada. July 3, 2017.

Louis-Philip Pothier, owner/operator, and lead guide of Inukpak Outfitting, paddles his kayak in Frobisher Bay near Apex, Nunavut, Canada. July 2, 2017.

A man takes a photo of Iqaluit during sunset from the popular lookout “Hospital Hill”. Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. July 3, 2017.

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