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14 September 2022

A Landsby Spotlight on Regina

Regina is a compact city located in the southern part of Saskatchewan, one of Canada’s three prairie provinces.  It is the second largest city in the province (Saskatoon is a touch bigger) and is often referred to as “the Queen City” since Regina means queen in latin. The name was given to the city by Queen Victoria’s daughter.

The land on which Regina now sits was originally known as “oskana ka-asastēki” by the Indigenous people who lived and hunted in the area. It translates to ‘bone piles’ and was called this because it was the site where Indigenous hunters placed bison bones in an attempt to honour the animal’s spirit when it became overhunted by settlers.

Regina Saskatchewan

Photo by Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

Things to in Regina

Explore the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Perhaps the biggest attraction at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is Scotty, the world’s largest and oldest Tyrannosaurus rex. The CN T. rex Gallery has multiple exhibits to showcase the habitat and environment in the time of the dinosaurs, including fossil specimens of flora and fauna found in Scotty’s quarry.

Other fascinating exhibits include the Earth Sciences Gallery, which looks at the region’s geological history as well as the First Nations Gallery which offers a look at the history and traditions of Indigenous societies that have lived on these lands for more than 10,000 years.

Photo by Tourism Saskatchewan/J.F. Bergeron/ENVIRO FOTO

Spend Time in Nature at the Wascana Centre

Located in the heart of Regina, the Wascana Centre is a huge urban park centred around a 120-hectare lake. Visitors and residents flock to the park year round to enjoy some of the nearly 9 km of paved pathways and nearly 6 km of nature paths. There are playgrounds and picnic spots, paddling on the lake and events throughout the year.

Photo by Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

Take in a Saskatchewan Roughriders Game

If you’re visiting Regina during Canadian football season (June-October), you’ll want to take in a Saskatchewan Roughriders game at the new Mosaic Stadium. You’ll love the energy of the fans as they cheer on their beloved home team. The enthusiasm is contagious so wear green and join in the fun.

Photo by Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

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