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26 January 2022

Looking For Something New This Winter? Try Dog Sledding!

Sugardogs Adventure

Summer may get all the attention for fun outside, but the colder months don’t mean you can’t have a good time outdoors. The long winter months are a great time to try a new activity with your family: tobogganing, sledding, snowshoeing and skiing are all great for family fun. But if you want to elevate your family time with a great Canadian adventure that is as exhilarating as it is adorable, try dog sledding. Many regions in Canada offer dog sledding experiences, so whether you’re looking for a daytrip or a weekend getaway there’s a place to suit your needs. Read on for tips on what to wear for your adventure as well as great spots in Ontario that offer dog sledding.

What to Expect

No dog sledding experience? No problem!

Before departure, you’ll receive basic dog sledding and safety instructions. You’ll meet your dog sled team — huskies and other sled dogs are usually very friendly and excited to see you — and soon be on your way.

Your greatest responsibility is dressing appropriately for the wilderness tour.

  • Inner layer: Do not wear jeans or cotton. Non-absorbent materials like wool, acrylic, polypropylene and polyester are recommended. Material closest to your skin should be water resistant to prevent sweat from chilling your body.
  • Middle layer: Bulk up! (And no, we don’t mean at the gym.) Insulate your inner clothing layers with thick wool sweaters or polar fleece. A looser fit won’t limit your movement and you can double up if needed.
  • Outer layer: Protect your body from the elements with windproof, waterproof and breathable material.  GORE-TEX or nylon are recommended. Avoid rubberized materials: they are not breathable and prone to accumulating moisture. Focus on slick material to reduce soaking middle and inner layers.

Your tour will involve physical activity on your part. Sled dogs do most of the work, but you’re part of the team. Expect jogging, uphill walking and other movements. A perfect way to tire out the kids!

Sugardogs Adventure Co

Ready to Give it a Try?

There are plenty of places to try dog sledding but we’ve rounded up a few in Ontario to get you started:

  • Located in Bruce County, Green Feet Dogsledding is run kennel-free and offers routes ranging from 1-hour to half-day. Each guided trail is carefully tailored to suit you, the weather, trail conditions and each sled dog’s wellbeing.  The land, trail and sled dogs are run by passionate cooperative.
  • Proud home to 150 purebred Siberian Huskies, Winterdance Dogsled Tours is classic Canadian dog sledding. Started as a hobby, this Haliburton-area outfit provides a practical experience for those with an interest in the sport and has more than 2000 private, picturesque acres on which to run.
  • Introduce your family to Ed’s 30 “kids” at Sugardogs Adventure Co. This place focuses on what matters most: enjoying what you do! Cruelty-free and dedicated to providing each dog a well-rounded life, Sugardogs Adventure Co welcomes all levels of experience, ages 4 and up . Located outside Sundridge, Ontario, your family can enjoy a variety of tours based on mobility, group size and age.
  • Mush into unforgettable memories to last a lifetime with Highland Wilderness Tours. This outfit has offered beloved dog and drive-you-own-team tours since 1987. Your family can enjoy an intimate, guided adventure near Algonquin Provincial Park.

If you’re looking for a full weekend of outdoor adventures, we highly recommend our 3-day Snow Country Fun package! Not only will you get a chance to try dog sledding, but your days will be filled with all kinds of other winter adventures. Reconnect with nature and discover the inspiring wilderness that makes this country unique.

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