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20 December 2021

Scenic Drives Through Quebec: Start Planning Now

Quebec Road Trip

Photo by Jeff Frenette

Quebec is the largest of Canada’s 10 provinces and has a vast network of roads that take travellers through forests, cities, small villages and some of Canada’s most stunning scenery — with panoramic views of mountains, rivers and the sea. If you are looking for a summer or fall road trip, Quebec delivers in every way: safe, beautiful and charming, with accommodations to match.

We put together a list of Quebec’s most popular drives to inspire you to plan your next road trip through la belle province. If this list of scenic drives through Quebec inspires you to travel with us, please take a look at our Quebec Experiences as you plan your trip — or reach out for if you’d like us to help you plan a customized itinerary.

And of course, don’t let the “drive” part fool you — many of these routes can also be turned into epic cycling or hiking adventures.

5) Drive the Fjord Route

Photo by Y.Ouellet

If you thought fjords were unique to Europe, think again! The spectacular Saguenay Fjord is one of the longest fjords in the world and it’s located right in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec.

The views driving along the fjord, which is northeast of Quebec City, are even more majestic than you can imagine, with huge cliffs overlooking the water below. You can look out over the fjord and see for miles.

But it’s not all natural beauty here either, as the route also passes by some very charming little towns and villages. If you aren’t in a rush, stop off at any towns that catch your fancy. If looking down at the water inspires you to look a little closer, you can book a beginner Saguenay Fjord kayak trip.

4) Drive the Laurentian Shield’s Mountains (and Lakes)

Photo by Pierre-Philippe Brunet

If you’re visiting Montreal, then you have to try out the approximately five-hour drive northwest to the Laurentian Shield mountains and lakes. Drive towards Saint-Jérôme and carry on northwest.

If you’re happy to be out all day, or you’re camping, you can continue on to Mont-Tremblant National Park. Otherwise, you have to turn south when you reach Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, looping down and back around to Montreal.

This route climbs and descends a lot, affording you some truly incredible views of the Laurentian Mountains. And the various lakes and waterways are all guaranteed to impress — especially when viewed from a height. This drive has a wonderful mixture of landscapes to enjoy, and it’s all such a reasonable distance from Montreal!

3) The Wine Route

Photo by Jean-François Bergeron

The Wine Route is in the Brome-Missisquoi region of Quebec, to the southeast of Montreal. This route weaves through some of Quebec’s best vineyards, many of which you can stop off at for a taste.

This route is obviously best done with a designated driver — otherwise, you’ll have to stop at the first vineyard and find a room for the night!

The vineyards scattered throughout this route are especially idyllic and beautiful, but it’s not all vineyards here; you can also find lovely towns and villages, and particularly good local restaurants in this part of Quebec.

2) Navigators’ Route

Photo by Mathieu Dupuis

Travel along the southern edge of the St. Lawrence River along Route 132 from Montreal to Sainte-Luce for fantastic scenery and plenty of wonderful places to stop along the way. If you are travelling eastbound, you’ll notice the St. Lawrence slowly widens the further you get. The route is well signed and gives drivers plenty of opportunities to pull off the road and take in the island-studded river.

Stopping for lunch at one of the seaside villages is almost mandatory on this route. You’ll enjoy lunch with a view at almost every stop and the food is fresh and delicious. If you have the time, enjoy some of the water activities on offer along this route, from eel fishing to whale watching.

1) The New France Route

Photo by Jean-François Frenette

The New France Route — “Route de la Nouvelle-France” — is a driving route that focuses on exploring the history of Quebec’s settlers. This particular drive starts in Quebec City and tracks the early supply route between Quebec City and Côte-de-Beaupré. While this drive is definitely doable in one day, but you could take longer if you like to jump out at many of the scenic and historic stops along the way.

You can learn about the history of this unique province throughout this route, but we also recommend reading up on the area’s history ahead of time. Understanding more about Quebec will let you appreciate the finer parts of the countryside and the various towns between Quebec City and Côte-de-Beaupré.

Photo by Jean-François Frenette

Of course, in a place three times the size of France there are many more worthwhile driving routes for you to explore. But we hope this short guide has added one or two trips to your road trip bucket list. Quebec is one of the best places in the world for road trips.

If you have any follow-up questions about our Quebec tours or accommodation, please just get in touch. Start planning your big Quebec adventure with some help from Landsby!

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