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Building Our Community,
One Card at a Time

Landsby is an exciting new digital forum for Canadian hospitality businesses. Canadian-owned and operated, Landsby focuses on bringing greater exposure to the authentic, local hospitality businesses that make each region of Canada truly unique. Through our exclusive online card program, we will strengthen and build up our community under one shared roof.

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Empowering Travellers to Discover Your Business

From boutique hotels to seasonal fishing charters and everything in between, our underlying purpose is to put local businesses on the map.
Your business will benefit from:
  • Unlimited direct clicks and card impressions per month
  • Full control over card creative with no cap on edits
  • Opportunities for exposure in the Landsby blog, email newsletter, social channels and more
  • Partner with us for 1 year or 2 years and receive the balance of 2021 at no charge.

Supporting Canadian Hospitality Businesses, Large and Small

Our namesake, Landsby, is Danish for village. That’s because it takes a village to build a brighter future. By combining our efforts into one unified platform, we uphold a shared belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We proudly support a myriad of hospitality businesses. Our expanding list of categories includes:


Connecting visitors and locals alike with relaxing experiences to promote total body wellness through such businesses as spas, saunas, and meditation guides.


Inspiring foodies and hungry visitors to taste the authentic cuisines that make Canada truly unique, whether that’s at a gourmet restaurant or a local farm stand.

Outdoor & Soft Adventure

Showcasing once-in-a-lifetime adventures to explorers and thrill-seekers hoping to experience the great Canadian outdoors through archery, kayaking, fishing, and more.


Driving visitors to immersive, share-worthy experiences while bringing out Canada’s true colours at landmarks, galleries, and museums.

Stays & Accommodation

Helping travellers book unique rentals, bed-and-breakfasts, or boutique hotels as their home away from home.

Getting Started with Landsby

Although each of the categories above offers a unique, experiential opportunity for visitors, Landsby promotes businesses across the hospitality industry together as a whole. As a result, we empower visitors to see it all during their stay.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming hospitality business or a long-standing local staple, Landsby is here to support your sustained growth. Claim your card today for a more visible tomorrow.

Claim your business card today.


An Investment in Your Growth

Our Landsby family is excited to announce that you can claim your card for just $10 per month before tax. For additional savings, businesses can subscribe to our annual package for 2 months free or through 2023 for 4 months free.
During seasonal lulls where getting discovered can be difficult, these cost-effective packages increase visibility to bring patrons through your doors.
Additionally, your card can complement and/or alleviate the need to run ad campaigns on Google, post content on Facebook, or share stories on Instagram. You can simply continue doing what you do best while your digital Landsby card attracts the right audience to your business.

Community Plan

$ 10 .00
$ 100 .00

Per Card/Month

per Card/Year



Get 2 months free

Unlimited Clicks

Unlimited Impressions

After 3 months, Cancel At Anytime

Unlimited Clicks

Unlimited Impressions

Exposure in Landsby Newsletter, Blog or Social Channels

Recovery Plan

$ 200 .00

Per Card for 2 Years

Get 4 months free

Unlimited Clicks

Unlimited Impressions

Exposure in Landsby Newsletter, Blog or Social Channels

Benefit Name Benefit Value

Giving Back to Our Community

Your monthly Landsby subscription indirectly goes back to your business and the community as a whole. That’s because we invest 50% of our proceeds into marketing Landsby, facilitating a steady flow of prospects to see your card. Likewise, we set aside 10% of our proceeds to community initiatives and causes.

Marketing & Promotion

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Community Initiatives

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Operational & Administrative

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The Landsby Advantage

Today, Canadian hospitality businesses are no longer just competing locally; they are up against markets on the global stage. By coming together as one, we help our businesses receive the attention they deserve.
For example, travellers searching Landsby for a popular place to eat will simultaneously be immersed in exciting outdoor activities, relaxing getaways and unique cultural experiences in the area. The stronger our businesses become, the better we all do as a community.

Join our Landsby Family Today

It takes a village to ensure your future growth and sustainability. We invite you to claim your card today and discover why Landsby is trusted by businesses nationwide. You can also purchase multiple cards for even greater exposure. Let’s bring out the best in what your business has to offer, together.

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