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21 June 2023

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day Through Tourism

Photo c/o Indigenous Tourism Canada

June 21 is Indigenous Peoples Day which is earmarked as a special day to recognize and celebrate the history, heritage, resilience and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis across Canada.

As a tourism company, Landsby is dedicated to promoting, uplifting and amplifying Indigenous tourism in Canada. Earlier this year we signed the Vision 2030 Pledge with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) to make Canada a leader in Indigenous tourism by 2030.

Indigenous Tourism Experiences Across Canada

Community-led tourism has positive impacts on local communities and cultures and Indigenous tourism is a prime example. Below we have listed three such experiences that will give you a taste of the amazing tourism product being offered by our Indigenous partners all across the country.

Please feel free to browse all of our experiences that have an Indigenous-led component.

Experience Indigenous Culture in British Columbia

ChilcotinOn our 8-day Journey to the West Chilcotin, you’ll experience:

  • The Xat’sull First Nations Heritage Village (pronounced ‘hat-sull’). This unique village was built on the banks of the Fraser River, at the junction of three First Nations territories that have long been the meeting place for Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. We join a guided tour of the historic village to hear stories from the Indigenous elders on the history of the land, the significance of the geology, and the traditional Shuswap lifestyle.
  • A journey through the sacred Thorsen Creek forest with a local Indigenous guide from the Nuxalk Nation. You’ll witness an impressive collection of petroglyphs and listen as your guide shares stories of the region, experiences of a childhood in Bella Coola, and treats you to traditional drumming and singing that echoes through the trees.

Discover Spirit Horses in Ontario

Spirit Horse

On our 3-day Retro Getaway, you’ll take part in an immersive 3-hour Spirit Horse Encounter, during which you will be introduced to the Ojibway culture through storytelling, music and time spent in the company of therapeutic Spirit Horses. The only existing breed of Indigenous horses, Spirit Horses once roamed Southern Ontario freely but were brought to near extinction.

Visitors to the Indigenous-owned farm will gather around a fire to hear stories passed down by generations of First Nations and learn about their deep connection to these spiritual animals. This is an authentic local experience created by First Nations people. The sound of traditional drums and fiddles will stay with you long after you’ve gone home. An overnight stay in an onsite authentic tipi can be added on to this experience.

See the Aurora with an Indigenous Guide

Joe the Aurora HunterOn our Aurora Summer Adventure, you’ll travel to Yellowknife, one of the top places in the world in which to see the Aurora Borealis. This immersive experience features Aurora Hunting with an Indigenous guide. At night, you’ll travel to some of the best spots to see the magical lights and along the way hear the Indigenous stories and legends tied to the Aurora. During the day, you’ll take a guided tour of the city to explore the unique history and local Indigenous heritage.