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3 May 2021

The 10 Best Outdoor Activities in Ontario

Lake Ontario

Right in the heart of Canada, Ontario has the highest population and is the second largest of our ten provinces. While there is a rich treasure-trove of cultural and historical sites in Ontario, the weather is beginning to warm and we’re looking to Ontario’s wilder areas for new, exciting experiences. To ignite your imagination and help you start planning your next big adventure, we have put together a list of the 10 best outdoor activities in Ontario. If anything here inspires you to travel with Landsby, check out our Ontario Tours and Experiences.

10) Hike Ontario’s Highlands

Get away from computer screens and distractions in the majestic wilds of Ontario’s Highlands. Nestled between Toronto and Ottawa, this is a beautiful wilderness that is easily accessed from the province’s urban centres. You can hike Ontario’s Highlands, but you can also embark on a rafting excursion, which is part of our Ontario’s Highlands: Wonders of our Earth tour. And if you’re looking for more than just one jaunt into the water, perhaps you’d prefer a dedicated canoe adventure instead…

9) The Canadian Canoe Route


Travel through the Ontario Highlands by canoe on an epic Ontario canoe adventure either from Toronto to Ottawa or the other way around. Paddle the tranquil and turbulent waters of Ottawa Valley in a Canadian canoe. We have also included a visit to the Canadian Canoe Museum, making this the quintessential canoe adventure you’ve been looking for.

8) Escape to the Grand River

The Grand River in Southwestern Ontario is one of the largest rivers in Ontario. This stunning area offers up idyllic countryside for people who need to escape the trappings of modern life for a few days. Hike in nature, walk the banks of this great river, and explore the Carolinian forest and tall-grass prairies that make this part of Ontario so special. If this sounds like your dream trip, check out our Ontario Grand River Cabin & Hike Getaway.

7) Embark on a Sugar Maple Trail

Centennial Ridges Trail

Deep in the Ontario Highlands, you can head out on a sugar maple trail that is as exciting as it is delicious! Explore the Highlands’ sugar maple forests, delighting in the colours and smells of nature. Meet local syrup producers, sampling the most Canadian of delicacies. There is a vast tableau of Canadian maple heritage to explore while surrounded by majestic forests of our most iconic tree. If this sounds like your ideal getaway, check out our Ontario Highlands Sugar Maple Trail.

6) Rafting Adventures on the Ottawa River

Ontario has no shortage of incredible rivers and lakes that are ideal for rafting. If you’re itching for an epic adventure, why not head out on the legendary Ottawa River with a team of people and an experienced guide? What’s great about this Ottawa River Rafting Trip is that it lasts just 7 hours, which is enough time to give you a healthy taste of adventure while not requiring too much planning or logistics to get a team of rafters together.

5) Glamping in Wawaitin Falls

You can find Wawaitin Falls on the northern shores of Kenogamissi Lake, not far from Timmins. Camping and glamping are ideal for anyone looking to slow down the pace of life for a few days, heading out for relaxed walks in nature, fishing, kayaking, and taking part in other nature-based activities that strike your fancy. Check out our Glamping Experience in Wawaitin Falls.

4) Boating Holiday on the Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is also sometimes referred to as the Rideau Waterway. Connecting the city of Ottawa to Lake Ontario, this 126-mile canal makes for an epic boating holiday. This isn’t white-water rafting; it’s a luxury houseboat experience, offering you a feel for the great outdoors but with all of the comforts of modernity. If this sounds like the ultimate combination, then take a look at our Rideau Canal Boating Holiday.

3) A Winter Log Cabin Adventure at Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park

While we’re writing this guide in the early days of spring, we hope this resource can be useful to people at all times of the year. If you’re looking for a fun escape in Ontario during the winter, then you should definitely consider our Winter Log Cabin Adventure at Algonquin Park. Imagine snowshoeing out into the undisturbed forests of Algonquin Park, looking for wildlife and appreciating the tranquil winter wonderland. Perfection.

2) Embark on a Fishing Adventure in Ontario

Ontario isn’t exactly short on great fishing spots, so we won’t even attempt to do justice to all the great fishing opportunities in this guide. Instead, we’d like to focus on one place in particular: Pine Portage Lodge in Wawa within the Algoma District, on the lake of the same name. Wawa Lake is especially well known for its phenomenal Northern Pike and Walleye fishing, so expect a few big catches surrounded by incredible lakeside views and you won’t be disappointed.

1) Have an Epic Adventure in Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario

This last suggestion isn’t one specific activity or place; it’s an entire adventure in Northern Ontario lasting five days. This Quintessential Canada Tour is packed with outdoor adventures, including canoeing, hiking, fishing with an expert, evening bonfires, wildlife watching, a lakefront sauna, and a whole host of other features and activities. This trip combines Ontario’s wilderness with modern luxuries, offering an off-the-beaten-path experience of Ontario unlike anything else we’ve seen.

If anything in this guide stands out to you and you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact us to ask a few questions. Your adventures in Ontario’s great outdoors have begun here, as you start planning your next trip!

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