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18 August 2021

What is Special About Quebec?

Autumn Landscape

We’ve set ourselves an impossible challenge with this blog: to attempt to summarize what is special about Quebec. Why is this so difficult? Because Canada’s largest province (almost three times the size of France) is full of amazing people, fascinating history, breathtaking scenery, and a lot of things to do. So, how do we properly answer the question of what makes Quebec special? The only legitimate angle here at Landsby is to explore what we love about Quebec, for us to capture what makes it so special to us. Whether you’re planning your next trip to Quebec or you’re just fantasizing about it, if anything we say inspires you, you might like to take a look at our unique Quebec Experiences and our boutique Quebec Accommodation.

The Grand Scale of Quebec

As we covered in the introduction, Quebec is Canada’s largest province; and, given that Canada is the second largest country in the world, its largest province is significantly larger than many countries. In fact, if you exclude Russia, Quebec is larger than any European country. If you’re looking for a grand adventure — perhaps a road trip — then you couldn’t choose somewhere better than Quebec. If this sounds like heaven, take a look at our Toronto to Montreal RV Road Trip; it also starts out in Ontario, so you get a feel for both provinces. 

Quebec Produces the Lion’s Share of the World’s Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

Fans of Canada’s most famous sweet produce will be delighted to read that Quebec produces a huge majority of the world’s maple syrup. There are various claims as to just which percentage of the world’s maple syrup this is, but they usually range between 70% and 90%. Whatever the real number is, Quebec is the true home of maple syrup. There’s nothing like tasting authentic maple syrup with your breakfast when it has been grown, tapped, and boiled within a few miles of where you stay.

Quebec is the Home of Ice Hockey

All of Canada loves ice hockey, but Quebec can rightfully be considered the home of hockey. This is because the sport is more popular here than anywhere else, and the Montreal Canadiens is the most successful hockey team in the country. You should try to enjoy at least one live ice hockey game during your stay in Montreal!

Skiing in Quebec

Canada Skiiing

The skiing in Quebec is particularly special — even by Canada’s standards! With incredibly consistent snow coverage and lots of great slopes, the only issue when skiing in Quebec is deciding where to go. This is where our Ski Quebec in a Modern RV Experience comes in as it affords you the opportunity to try several different slopes and drive through Quebec’s immense winter landscapes in a safe and secure RV. If you’re craving a real adventure, then this is perhaps the best way to explore Quebec! On this experience, you can look forward to skiing at Mont-Tremblant, Stoneham Mountain Resort, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Le Massif Ski Resort, and Mont Orford. This is a skier’s trip of a lifetime!

Quebec’s Majestic Wildlife

While most people travel to Africa when they want to see large, impressive wildlife, we’d argue that Canada has more than enough to offer animal enthusiasts. And, just as Africa has its “big five” animals, Quebec has its own big five: moose, black bear, grey wolf, snowy owl, and blue whale. You can head out into Quebec’s almost limitless wilderness areas and out onto the Atlantic Ocean in search of the big five, but we highly recommend enlisting the help and guidance of professional guides. Not only will a guide enhance your chances of finding these majestic animals, they will also keep you safe.

Kayak on Saguenay Fjord

Saguenay Fjord

Saguenay Fjord is one of the most beautiful spots in Canada. This glacial valley on the River Saguenay offers some of the most epic views, looking out over the breathtaking fjords on each side of the river. The water is relatively smooth, making it perfect for kayaking. Our Beginner Saguenay Fjord by Kayak Experience is particularly good for families as it moves at a slower pace. Not only will you take in the incredible scenery, you can also keep an eye out for beluga whales, minke whales, seals, falcons, and seabirds.

There is, of course, much more to say about Quebec, but we hope at least one experience from this list has inspired you to add Canada’s largest province to your bucket list. Quebec is exceptional, making it very hard to have a bad time here, but its great size means that it can be a little overwhelming to narrow down a smaller, manageable itinerary. If you have any questions about the Quebec tours and experiences here at Landsby, please feel free to get in touch. Your big Quebec trip could be only a few clicks away!

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