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15 February 2023

Ontario Activities To Get You Outside This Winter

As the end of February creeps up on us, it can be hard to find the motivation to continue enjoying winter. Unless you are a winter enthusiast, this is the part of the season that just seems to drag.

Luckily, Canada offers an abundance of beauty in the winter for those who need a little mood pick-me-up.

If you live in southern Ontario, this list of activities is for you! With snow-covered landscapes and frozen waterfalls, the winter season in Ontario offers a whole new perspective on places you may have already explored in the summer. So bundle up, pack a thermos of hot cocoa and head out on one of these memorable adventures through Ontario’s winter wonderland.

Visit an Ontario Park:

Mikisew Provincial Park. Photo by Rob Stimpson c/o Ontario Parks

Many Ontario Parks are open over the winter and provide plenty of fun ways to enjoy the snow. You can skate on a frozen trail through the woods in MacGregor Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Huron or go fat-biking on a trail in Mikisew Provincial Park. There’s plenty of activities for families, couples, groups of friends or solo adventurers.

See our post on Winter is Coming: Get ready for some snowy fun at Ontario Parks for more ideas.

Explore Hamilton’s Frozen Waterfalls:

Felker’s Falls (photo credit: @kev.chadee)

Felker’s Falls. Photo by @kev.chadee

Hamilton is known as the City of Waterfalls for good reason: it is home to more than 100 beautiful waterfalls! Most people travel to see these in the summer and fall, however, we think they are absolutely worth a visit during the winter. In the frigid Ontario weather, the waterfalls transform into icy sculptures and some of the gigantic icicles seemingly float in mid-air. We suggest bringing a thermos of hot coffee or tea and enjoying a beautiful walk by one of these falls on a sunny winter day.

Read our post on 5 Incredible Waterfalls to see in Hamilton this winter for more information.

Try a winter hike:

Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. Photo by Jordan Walmsley c/o Ontario Parks

With the balmy temperatures we’ve been enjoying in Ontario of late, there’s no better time to get outside for a little sunshine on a winter hike. Ontario has plenty of amazing trails. Find one close to home or venture out to a new part of the province. It is always fun to find a new place to grab lunch or a coffee after a brisk winter’s walk.

Read out post 5 winter hikes to try this weekend for some inspiration.

Check out the Haliburton Highlands:

The Art of Winter in the Haliburton Highlands

The Haliburton Highlands are located just 2.5 hours north of Toronto but offer a delightful world of snowy fun. Landsby’s Director of Canadian Travel visited the Highlands last winter for a girls’ weekend away and had a blast trying Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and ice climbing.

Read about her experience in the post My winter adventure in the Haliburton Highlands. Book your own getaway with our Snow Country Fun package or our Art of Winter package.

Indulge in a wellness getaway:

For the ultimate winter pick-me-up, head to South Eastern Ontario for a wellness retreat. Enjoy a private getaway in Prince Edward County, stay in Downtown Kingston and enjoy a sauna experience or head to Brockville for a restful and scenic getaway.

Visit our Winter Wellness in South Eastern Ontario page for details and inspiration.

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