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11 February 2022

Where In Canada Is Best For A Family Vacation?

From long road trips and sleeping under starry skies to climbing mountains and exploring ocean shores, Canada is made for epic family vacations.

At Landsby we want to make it fun and easy for Canadians to get out and enjoy all this beautiful country has to offer. If you’re looking for the best place in Canada for a family vacation, read on!

We couldn’t possibly cover all of the best places to take your kids on vacation in Canada — there are simply too many amazing spots to list — but we’ve got some great ideas for exploring some of Canada’s most scenic spaces as a family! We hope this guide will provide you with some inspiration to get you planning your next Canadian family trip.

Be sure to visit our Canadian Experiences page for great itineraries all over the country and our Canada Stays page for unique accommodation options.

Family walking on Stanley Park trail. Photo by Hubert Kang/Destination Vancouver

Best Places for Family Vacations in BC

British Columbia is an amazing province to explore with your family. The scenic Pacific coast, the stunning mountains, the beautiful cities — there’s so much to see with your kids in BC.

Discover Vancouver

If you’ve never been to BC before, a great place to start is Vancouver. The Capilano Suspension Bridge Experience is sure to be a hit with young and old alike or don hardhats and head for the mines at the Britannia Mine Museum where history comes to life in an immersive and fun environment. For epic views, scenic family photos and lots of kid-friendly entertainment, head up to Grouse Mountain, the Peak of Vancouver!

Relax on Vancouver Island

Families looking to dive into a more secluded experience in the great outdoors will find it aplenty in the stunning scenery and friendly accommodations on offer in Vancouver Island.

Ride in the Coast Mountains

Geared towards families with older children or teens, the spectacular Gold Mine Horseback Riding Expedition into BC’s Coast Mountain Range offers an unforgettable experience that will leave your family with cherished memories.

Dinosaur Provincial Park. Photo by Mike Seehagel/Travel Alberta

Best Places for Family Vacations in Alberta

With prairies, badlands and mountains to explore, Alberta is a favourite destination for families looking for fun and adventure year round.

Dig at Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dino-loving kids will go wild for the adventures available at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta’s badlands, about two hours east of Calgary. Set in the Red Deer River Valley, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its striking topography and abundance of dinosaur fossils. Families can stay at the campground and there are lots of engaging programming for kids.

Skiing the Slopes in the Rockies

Families with older kids and teens who have ski experience may enjoy a winter vacation to the mountains to ski on some of the province’s best slopes. Private guided adventures are available and make it easy to experience the best each location has to offer.

Best Places for Family Vacations in Ontario

There are more than 250,000 lakes, hundreds of parks and conservation areas and plenty of dynamic cities and towns to explore in Ontario, making the province a perfect destination for family fun any time of the year. Below we’ve listed some ideas for family fun in Ontario, but visit our Discover Ontario page for plenty of itineraries and accommodation options.

Discover Historic Kingston

Kingston is rich in history and pedestrian-friendly, making it an amazing city to explore with the family. Families will love the walking tours (try a haunted walk!), the plentiful restaurants and the beautiful location on the water.

Swim in South Eastern Ontario

Summers are for water adventures and Ontario offers plenty of it! Visit Prince Edward County to check out the large sand dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park and grab some ice cream or get a thrill on a rafting adventure in the Ottawa River.

Camp in Ontario’s Parks

Get out into the wilderness for a family camping adventure! Ontario offers many amazing provincial parks that are worthy of a visit but for some truly incredible landscapes and epic adventures, take your kids camping in Northern Ontario.

Best Places for Family Vacations in Quebec

If you’ve never been to Quebec with your kids, definitely put it on your must-do list. Montreal and Quebec City are both great cities to visit with the family, but there are so many other adventures around the province. Here’s a small taste of what’s on offer in Quebec for families.

Sea Exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Let your kids become oceanographers and participate in scientific data collection on a Laboratory at Sea adventure that starts in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

Paddle the Saguenay Fjord

Paddle the Saguenay Fjord on an overnight family kayaking adventure. Your family will never forget the exceptional beauty of the fjord, the magic of the night sky or the area’s wildlife, which includes seals, belugas, minke whales, falcons and seabirds.

See Canyon Sainte-Anne from Above

Explore the beautiful Canyon Sainte-Anne with the kids for some unforgettable fun. View it by securely climbing on a Via Ferrata, which is suitable for kids and seniors, or take a ride over the canyon on a secure gondola and see the gorge from above.

Best Places for Family Vacations in Atlantic Canada

Salty air, fresh seafood and miles of beaches, what’s not to love about Atlantic Canada? Comprising of the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Canada offers superb family fun and activities.

This guide will just briefly touch on some of the amazing adventures awaiting families who choose to visit Canada’s East Coast but be sure to subscribe to our newsletter because we will be covering these areas in more depth in the weeks and months to come!

Family Hiking in Prince Edward Island

If you are a family of hikers, you will love PEI’s newest hiking and biking trail, the Island Walk. It circumnavigates the island but you can choose to do any section that fits your family.

Explore New Brunswick Coastal Towns

Explore some of New Brunswick’s coastal towns to get a taste of Atlantic Canada’s charms. Your kids will love exploring the beaches, especially at low tide when the wonders of the ocean floor are on full display.

Road Trip along the Cabot Trail

Take an epic family road trip along the Cabot Trail on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island and enjoy incredible scenery, fun family activities and historic sites along the way.

Photo courtesy of Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

Best Places for Family Vacations in Newfoundland

If your family craves adventure, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Newfoundland. This island often feels like it is on the edge of the earth, with misty ocean vistas and rugged coastlines, but it is renowned for its warm hospitality.

Family Time on Fogo Island

For an ultimate immersive experience, take the family to Fogo Island for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and incredible hospitality.

Climb the Fjords in Gros Morne

Hike and explore one of Canada’s most beautiful places at Gros Morne National Park. Your kids will love the soaring fjords that tower over beaches and forests.

Explore Colourful St. John’s

Visit the colourful city of St. John’s, where your kids will love to explore the many historic sites and you’ll get plenty of beautiful family photos with the stunning coastal scenery. Follow our 9-day itinerary to see some of the best places, including Elliston’s Puffin viewing, which is sure to be a hit with the kids.

This guide is just scratching the surface of all that there is to do in Canada with kids. Family travel around Canada is safe and so much fun. We’ve got some incredible experiences in some of the other provinces and territories that are missing from this guide (such as Manitoba and the Yukon) so check those out as well.

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